Wednesday, September 24, 2008

IP Registration - The Aftermath

Well it's been nearly three weeks since I went to register with Island People, but I figure I would still blog about my IP registration experience.

After too many band launches to count, endless visits to mas camps, I am playing with Island People for 2009. same band who try to brainwash meh in dey launch!

Anyhoo...having decided I was playing in IP the next thing to decide was what section to play in..DUH! The one the named in my honour of course!

By the time I decide I going to register in Afro Disiac though, the next morning on the website, what could greet me but a SOLD OUT! I was real disappointed cause none of the other sections really caught my attention like that one.

Upon hearing of my dilemma, and knowing how much I liked this particular costume, a friend of mine made some calls to someone who made some calls (yuh know how it is in Trini) and I got that all important text "we going to the mas camp tomorrow to get you in, bring yuh money and come!" (well it eh say dat exactly eh, but I done delete the evid...err...text already).

So YAYY!!! I reached to IP mas camp the next day with my money in hand.
Walked around, took some pics of the costumes, which up to that time I had not seen up close other than at the launch. Costumes looking nice and I getting excited. Some looking even nicer than I first thought!
While waiting, I tried on some bras and bikini bottom to make sure I had the right size and then went to the person who would sign me up.

I signed up both myself and a friend (if yuh have the strings pull them right?) in Afro big headpiece, one small headpiece and backpack. So I'm signed up and I waiting for my receipt.

But I keep looking at this next costume (not saying which) and the more I look at it, the more I love it! The costume is calling my name ever so quietly...*whisper* "Ayeceee...ayyceee"
The FL is simply gorgeous. Love the backpack, love the headpiece!
I do a quick consult with my friend and they say "Go for it!" So my Afro Disiac registration form is torn up and I register in my [undisclosed] section. :D

Registration on that day was a breeze and took less than 15 minutes. After taking my info I was sent to the cashier and paid my money, collected my receipt and I was set.

So Carnival 2009 look for me in IP! If you think you know what section I'm in, select it in the poll on the right hand side of the page.

.Island People in de air!!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

And the favorite monokini is!! *drumroll*

With an overwhelming 35 votes...TRIBE's Spangled Cottinga!!

Followed by Spice's - Melilot Blue (not for the big boobies people though, sorry) with 15 votes

And in third place is Island People's - Heavenly Skies

The blue monokinis have it!

Pulse 8 - HOT HOT HOT!

Unfortunately I was unable to attend Pulse 8's band launch this weekend as planned as my office was relocating over the weekend, and I had to be on site.

Sorry guys :(

The website isn't up as yet but some of the section names are:

Spicy Wasabi
Bush Fire
Explosive Ember- A Hot Bite
Pepper Pot