Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cricket World Cup: Volunteer Update

Sitting at home the Thursday after Carnival minding my own business when the phone rings.
It's the CWC people and they're calling to tell me I got selected for the VIP/Protocol area.

Me: YAYY!!!

Them: We have training tomorrow at the Oval and Saturday at UWI SPEC.

Me: Huh? : (good thing I'm on vacation)

Them: Okay, so see you there!

Me: Okay! (excited I got picked for VIP/Protocol after already having made up my mind that I probably hadn't)

Training was great. We had the privilege of being tutored by Sandra Basheer.
And I finally realised that when I grow up I want to be Sandra. LOL.
But seriously, this amazing woman just cemented in my mind that this is my field and I m on the right track.

And the more involved I get the more excited I get too.

Will try to keep giving regular updates, but this coming month I know will be chaos.

Other than last Friday and Saturday for VIP training, today I had First Aid training.
This Tuesday afternoon is a tour of the airport. (can't forget that I have to go to class afterwards).
Friday is Match Day Simulation from 1:00pm at UWI SPEC.
Sunday is Kitting Out Day from 7:00am at the Oval.
Monday is Match Day Simulation. All day at UWI SPEC.

You get the idea.

If I can't update daily, I will DEFINITELY have a HUGE update at the end of it all, which is at the end of March.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Best and Worst of Carnival 2007

Best All Inclusive:
It was a toss up between Trinity and QRC.
Trinity wins it by a small push because the eye food was tops.

Best Non-Inclusive:
Machel (Lucifer) at the Normandie on Carnival Thursday

Best Free Party in de Square
Roy Cape. Because I enjoyed Olatunji's performance so much.

Best Dressed Band
Imij and Company

Best Dressed Female Frontline Singer
Michelle Xavier of Imij and Company

Best Dressed Male Frontline Singer
Toss up between Shurwayne and Lucifer with dem metro kits dey was rocking.

Best Performed Song by a band/performer
Last Lap by Disaster Garcia and Atlantik

Best Machel Performance
Machel in the Normandie on Carnival Thursday

Best New Artist
Olatunji Jalani Nathaniel Yearwood. Yip yip yip uhuh uhuh
Rizon “Reach for what is mine”

Best CD
Get Together by Big Artist Crew

Best Gape
Soka in Moka

Worst Non-Inclusive
Ladies First. De dj played fucking TECHNO!

Worst Free Party in de Square
Bunji and the Asylum followed closely by Shurwayne and Traffik.
Too much people coming up on stage fuh free phone!! And underage females tuh boots, wining and carrying on.

Worst Dressed Band
Everybody else except Imij cause nobody else seems to make an effort.

Worst Dressed Female Frontline Singer
Disaster Garcia.

Worst Dressed Male Frontline Singer
Toss up between Shurwayne and Lucifer with dem metro kits dey was rocking

Worst Performed Song by a band
"I Dare You" by Disaster Garcia at Soka in Moka

Worst Machel Performance
Eyes Wide Shut.
People was just standing around until he started singing Jumbie.
Vibes was real low.

Worst "New" Artist
Trini Jacobs.
Yeah yeah...I know she not "new" but she added nothing to Roy Cape.

Worst Gape
Ladies First.
Unless you have a thing for underage white boys

Special Mention(s)
Kes the Band.

Good sound, great perfromances.

Need to change up the routine though. Cant be seeing the same routine Carnival Friday that ah see all season.

Nadia "throat fuh days-pores raising-ohmehgayd where dis woman get dat voice from?-seems like a genuine person and ah hope yuh stay so-time fuh yuh to be on Kes the Band website-dey tief yuh fuh Soca Monarch"Batson.
Nuff said.

My Carnival Letters

Letter #1

Dear Ronnie and Caro,
I had a FANTASTIC time in your section, “Chutney” this year. Costume collection was effortless. My costume looked like it was supposed to and I didn’t need to alter even one thing on it. Food was as promised. Drinks flowed steady. I was really impressed to see Ronnie on the truck handling things in the bar as well on Monday.

The ONE problem I had was on Tuesday when one of your “security” was telling…sorry YELLING at me to get into my section (my pet peeve) when I was a mere foot away from the section. I watched him like he was mad and eventually one of the other security guys told him to leave me alone, cause like he realize what time it was with me.

The second problem I had (I know I said one before, but I just remembered something else) was the barmen. On Tuesday when my extra tall brother wasn’t around I had to stand up by the bar and got ignored but not by one, not by two but THREE of your barmen. I had cause to cuss way one who play he telling me he eh see me even doh he watch meh STRAIGHT in meh damn face!
Anyhoo, Ronnie got that complaint from me on the road Tuesday and handle dat one time!

Despite that, my brother, sister I law and I look forward to seeing what you’ll be bringing out next year. Thanks for a great first time with Legacy!

Yours in Carnival,
Afro Chic.

Letter #2

Dear Shurwayne,
I was to write you since before Carnival yuh know, but in between all de run around for stockings, accessories, boots etc, I just didn’t have the time.
I just have one thing to tell you.
You killed my section's vibes on Carnival Tuesday at our last competition point with yuh Open De Gate.
After signing up with Legacy, I had begun to mentally prepare myself to be brainwashed by Open de Gate on the road.
However, on Monday you were not around and our section became a smoothly choreographed machine to the tune of Jumbie.
Even at all the other competition points on Tuesday we did not cross with your truck. Our choice was Jumbie right through.
So is how you go come now and jumbie de scene with yuh Open de Gate nonsense? What is de point of dat? Yuh did done lose de Road March race…is like beating a dead horse.
Otherwise, on the road yuh wasn’t too bad eh. But yuh kill it fuh we dey man.

Afro Chic


Dear Carnival,
I enjoyed you this year.
Stage or no stage I had a time yes.
See you next year, God spear life.

Lovingly yours,
Afro Chic

Friday, February 16, 2007


I real excited.
If ah did like de costume before...ah like it MORE now!
If I had ay worries about playing with Ronnie & Caro for the first time...ah have none now.
The whole costume collection process took all of 5 minutes if so much.

Reach mas camp.

Hand in receipt...paid in full.

Caro gives me the rundown...wear both handbands both days...letter inside with details of where the band will meet etc.

Collect envelope from Caro.

Box with costume comes outside along with goodie bag.

Check through costume...trying not to smile too much or get on hyper in de people mas camp.

Change bottom piece...dey forget is a thong I ordered.

Turn to head to car.

WAIT!! Where yuh headpiece?!?!

Collect BEAUTIIFUL FANTASTIC headpiece...(check previous post in case yuh missed it.)

Leave mas camp.

I only hope everything goes just as smoothly on the road.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Who yuh playing with?

After many months of indecision...which was mainly based on the high cost to play mas...I have finally registered to play mas a mere 13 days before Carnival.

I am playing with *drumroll*...

I have penned this letter to Mr. Big Mike to let him know my concerns with playing mas with Legacy.

Dear Big Mike,
After much hesistation I have signed up with one of your outside sections "Chutney" which is being done by none other than Ronnie "Mac the Knife" Mc Intosh and his lovely wife Caroline.
Please note however, that I am one of those masqueraders that is quite adverse to being in their section unless it is absolutely neccessary (i.e. when we are actually preparing to cross the stage/judging point).
So please do not expect me to be in my section until the ABSOLUTE LAST MINUTE.
I will NOT comply.
I understand the importance of your presentation, but you need to understand my need to be dreevaying all over the band.
On a last note, please, a begging yuh, doh have yuh security roughing me up to get in no section...yuh go make a papers. And it eh go be nice.
Hope this letter clears up your expectations of having this masquerader in your band on the road.
We shall discuss the dread I feel at having to listen to Shurwayne *shudder* all day long in a subsequent letter. Ohnonono!!!

Yours sincerly,
Afro Chic

This is my costume btw...I absolutely LOVE the colours (the orange matches my hair...LOL) and what really sold me on the costume was the headpiece.
I am going to organise my boots and sundry accessories this week.
Costume collection is next Wednesday...Valentine's Day.