Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Best and Worst of Carnival 2007

Best All Inclusive:
It was a toss up between Trinity and QRC.
Trinity wins it by a small push because the eye food was tops.

Best Non-Inclusive:
Machel (Lucifer) at the Normandie on Carnival Thursday

Best Free Party in de Square
Roy Cape. Because I enjoyed Olatunji's performance so much.

Best Dressed Band
Imij and Company

Best Dressed Female Frontline Singer
Michelle Xavier of Imij and Company

Best Dressed Male Frontline Singer
Toss up between Shurwayne and Lucifer with dem metro kits dey was rocking.

Best Performed Song by a band/performer
Last Lap by Disaster Garcia and Atlantik

Best Machel Performance
Machel in the Normandie on Carnival Thursday

Best New Artist
Olatunji Jalani Nathaniel Yearwood. Yip yip yip uhuh uhuh
Rizon “Reach for what is mine”

Best CD
Get Together by Big Artist Crew

Best Gape
Soka in Moka

Worst Non-Inclusive
Ladies First. De dj played fucking TECHNO!

Worst Free Party in de Square
Bunji and the Asylum followed closely by Shurwayne and Traffik.
Too much people coming up on stage fuh free phone!! And underage females tuh boots, wining and carrying on.

Worst Dressed Band
Everybody else except Imij cause nobody else seems to make an effort.

Worst Dressed Female Frontline Singer
Disaster Garcia.

Worst Dressed Male Frontline Singer
Toss up between Shurwayne and Lucifer with dem metro kits dey was rocking

Worst Performed Song by a band
"I Dare You" by Disaster Garcia at Soka in Moka

Worst Machel Performance
Eyes Wide Shut.
People was just standing around until he started singing Jumbie.
Vibes was real low.

Worst "New" Artist
Trini Jacobs.
Yeah yeah...I know she not "new" but she added nothing to Roy Cape.

Worst Gape
Ladies First.
Unless you have a thing for underage white boys

Special Mention(s)
Kes the Band.

Good sound, great perfromances.

Need to change up the routine though. Cant be seeing the same routine Carnival Friday that ah see all season.

Nadia "throat fuh days-pores raising-ohmehgayd where dis woman get dat voice from?-seems like a genuine person and ah hope yuh stay so-time fuh yuh to be on Kes the Band website-dey tief yuh fuh Soca Monarch"Batson.
Nuff said.


Mauvaise Langue said...

Big Artist Crew is Michelle Sylvester and 'dem or is it someone else?

Afro Chic said...

Yep. Big Artist Crew is Michelle Sylvester, Nadia Batson, Miss Alysha, Terry Seales and Mr. Vybe.

I think it's a really nice cd. But then again I might be biased because I REAL like one song in particular on the cd. I woulda buy the cd for that ONE song. LOL.

richjob said...


Nadia batson *dribble*

BitingInsects said...

I had an account all along!! Doh know if Ronnie will appreciate it doh... ent!

Disaster Garcia yes... lol. You done know how I feel about her and her anti-manishness. (you choose the wuss pic of she too)

bandwagonist said...

nice post... i tort I was being ruff on Machel & Shurwayne this year... but it seems that you on d Imij bandwagon :)... me like what u said bout KES the band too... I not too sure if Kees gonna keep her in the band... seeing another female outshine him again :~

Afro Chic said...

I agree rich...she's very sexy.

Biting insects: are you who I think you are?
I did a search and that pic came up. Thought it was quite appropriate given what I nominated her for. LOL.

Bandwagonist: I not on anybody bandwagon. I just give credit where credit is due.
If Kes the Band choose to get rid of Nadia they would lose MAJOR points in my book.
Kees (and Destra and Machel) need to realise that dem alone cyar be the star.

Mani said...

Afro chic, who in your opinion had the best year music wise, and which big name artist, in your opinion had the most hitless year last year? Also was there a break out star this carnival?

Afro Chic said...

Best Year Music wise:
Machel HD.
Not that he always SOUNDED good...cause he had real problems with his band...losing memebers and all that jazz.
But he had the best music/best set of songs etc.

Most Hitless:
Is last year or this year yuh mean?
Most hitless this year...hmm...I would say Iwer.
Because other than Fete After Fete...he didn't really have any other BIg tunes.
*PLEASE NOTE: I reserve the right to change this opinion*

Break Out Star:
For me it's Olatunji Jalani Nathaniel Yearwood. I could see why Shurlame put him outta de band.
I woulda put him out too. He's a threat.

Mani said...

lol about shurwayne. Well I meant this year, sorry.

Seeing as I didn't go to a single fete and can't name a Bunji tune off the top of my head I want to name him. At least Iwer had a hit, but did Bunji? I could be wrong though.

I think Destra is a runner up for having the best year.

Afro Chic said...

Point taken on Bunji.

As for Destra being runner up...MUSIC wise I would say yes.

She take win fuh Worst Attitude for 2007 though.
And her attitude in the fetes distracted me from her music for the simple reason that it flowed over into her performances.