Thursday, April 23, 2009

Showtime Media Launch - The Aftermath...

As Saucy reported yesterday, last night I attended the media launch of Showtime Trinidad at the Alchemy Nightclub.

My main peeve with this launch was the time.
The media launch was scheduled to begin at 8:00pm. I got to Alchemy (which is a real nice place by the way, I have to go and boogie down there sometime) just about 8:00pm. I didn't want to miss out on anything just in case they started early, but I didn't need to worry, cause in true Trini fashion the media launch started an hour and a half later.

Now even though I keep saying "media launch" it was really more like a "Friends and Well Wishers Launch" cause as far as I could see/identify (with my untrained eye) there wasn't really much media personnel there. The usual suspects were missing, like a Peter Ray Blood, David Wears or even a Triniscene. There was also no information about the band handed out to the "media" before or after the actual launch.

Anyhoo, I getting ahead of myself a bit. At 9:20 when there was a decent size crowd, the launch began.

Ms. Odeka O'Neil
was the presenter for the evening. She gave an overview of the growth and history of the band in terms of where they came from to where they are now. Showtime Trinidad we were told, has no one manager, but instead 6 team leaders.
The team members then unveiled their banner "Showtime Trinidad - Carnival Is We".

After this Ms. O'Neil introduced the Synergy Soca Star winner Richard "Chynee" Valentine who performed his hit tune "Wanna be Like". It was my first time seeing him perform live and I was impressed.

After Chynee's performance we were then handed over to the PRO Mr. Damian Leech.
Mr. Leech then went on to introduce each member of the Showtime Team. (Please excuse me if my spelling of names and so on are off, I received no info to verify what I heard and took note of).
Ricardo Lewis who is the Production and Road Manager, Rhoda Lewis (his wife) who is also a PRO, Kevon Enille (I did not catch Kevon's title), Denicia is the Model Manager and has been the face of Showtime in the past, Kendal who is a Production Something, and finally, Mr. Godfrey Enille who is their mentor (and budding photographer).

The members of the team then unveiled the name of their presentation for Carnival 2010 "Matrix". After a vote of thanks by Mr. Lewis, the media launch was over. It took all of 15 minutes.

I did take the opportunity after the official launch to speak with PRO Damian Leech. Showtime Trinidad is looking at a band of around 800 persons, although they are not yet sure of the number of sections. Keeping in mind the economic climate in the country, the band is looking at having starting prices backline costumes at $2000.00. There will be backline and frontline costumes. I understand that The Harvard Section is also to be part of Showtime Trinidad.

Overall I think there should have been more information available to the media, but what I did like is that the band is made up of young people. I am looking forward to seeing their presentation of costumes for Carnival 2010.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Summit Village and Waterfront Project...

Yesterday afternoon, I visited the Summit Village (located at the Waterfront) which is part of the whole tantana for the participants and visitors for the Fifth Summit of the Americas.

The place looks REALLY nice, here are some pics.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


This cutie was part of the Easter Egg Hunt we had today at home.

The Easter egg Hunt was losts of fun and the kids had a ball.