Monday, June 07, 2010

Fashion Week 3: Haute Mess

Even though I did say I was NOT going to do a review of Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago 3, I gave in when the title for this blog post came to me, and actually this is less of a review and more of just my random thoughts during the show.

This was my third year attending Fashion Week T&T and I always go on the final night.

Armed with my $200 Cyan ticket for an evening of fashion entitled "Haute Caribbean", I got to the Hyatt just after 7:00, met up with my peeps, got interviewed and asked who/what we were wearing and then we made our way inside. Because we were early I got a seat right behind my friend who was in the media section. Nice. The first thing to sour me for the night was my camera falling and then subsequently not working and leaving me with no photos from the runway.

I actually think a lot of the fashion was OFF the runway and on the patrons as we saw mini dress, ball gowns, sequin pants, boots (yay!), rompers, short pants suits, shoes and accessories galore!

Here are some of my thoughts which I tweeted during the show:

Is it just me or are these seats too close together @FashionWeekTT

This show is NOT going to start on time. People still being seated @FashionWeekTT

Telecomms service at #Hyatt is poor. Tweets taking long to go through @FashionWeekTT

Not even a bottled water this year? We had cocktails last year!

@FashionWeekTT playing de ass flicking lights off then on and back again.

Chairs being placed at the end f the runway for patrons to sit. Ha! @FashionWeekTT #bullshit

Real people waiting to be seated still and the show start @FashionWeekTT #bullshit

Who is this guy with the lisp who's announcing? @FashionWeekTT

I wonder if these models watch #ANTM? It doh look so.#FWTT

The ladies behind me love everything! Lol #FWTT

How wearable are these designs? #FWTT

Look Buffy @FashionWeekTT Errr...why? #FWTT

Swappi now @FashionWeekTT Err...why? #FWTT

Lol. People leaving yes #idohblamethem

Overall, for this their third year, Fashion Week T&T left a LOT to be desired, from the general disorganisation (I was NOT standing up if I had paid for a seat!) to some of the designers featured, to the last minute cancellation of the scheduled seminars.
In my opinion, you paid more but got less, and unless some changes are made, it does not look like I will be heading back as a paying patron next year.