Monday, December 06, 2010


Oh really so long I eh post something here boy? Check cobweb! *cough*

Well yuh know Christmas time is the time we Trinis does do we lil cleanup and thing, so I decide to dust off the cobwebs off meh blog and post a lil update, cause everybody asking meh "What going on with yuh blog?"


So let's see...I'm not sure if I told you all that I started an Associate Degree programme in COSTAATT. Well I did.
I signed up for a 3 year part-time course and that has been taking up a good bit of my time with classes and homework and lecturers and students. Hear nah...going back to school at my age not easy you know. On top of my old brain, I also have to deal with students who behaving like they want to be spoon-fed, and lecturers who behaving like they have no idea what it means to be organised. Thankfully I've been passing all my classes, assignments and quizzes so far, and this is final exam week.


On top of that now, my big son wrote SEA (as you know), start secondary school and guess who find deyself on the PTA? Yes, me. And not no small post eh, is a kinda important-ish post. So is PTA on top of COSTAATT. School closed now (amen), cause it was a really busy term so far and next year looking to be real busy too.

On top of that now, I am also in the height of boot collection for Carnival next year. This year I had to close off registration before the usual deadline cause I woulda been overswamped with orders at the rate things were going. I have a record number of boots to do for Carnival 2011 and can't wait to get started with some designs.


And on top of that now, is Christmas and people want they place decorated, and they want cards done for dey friends and family too, and is party by so and Christmas shopping by so.

So that's it in a nutshell basically, I not promising to do anymore updates before Christmas, so let me take the oppotunity to wish all of my readers who still hanging in there, Seasonings for the Christmas and Happiness for the New Year!

*spray Febreze*

P.S. I might post a quick update on the exam results ;)