Friday, April 30, 2010

I've been summoned for Jury Duty!

I know most people try to avoid doing jury duty, but I have never been in a court room in my life, have never had the opportunity to be juror and I thought they probably had me on a blacklist or something!

So I was actually quite pleased when my father in law called me one day at the office to tell me he had been given a summons for me to appear in court for jury duty in May.

Having worked at an attorney's office for a while, it will definitely be interesting to se this side of the law.

Jury duty here I come! :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When last yuh went Maqueripe...

Last week Sunday the family and I headed west to the Chaguaramas peninsula to take a bike ride and then head to Maqueripe. My boys have NEVER been to Maqueripe as most times when we say beach, that means Maracas.

Though my boys have bikes, I had to rent one so we made our way to the bike rental place...which was closed. And looked like it had been closed for some time. So that was my first surprise on Sunday!

We decided to head straight to Maqueripe. Now I have not been to Maqueripe in over a year (or maybe more), and the last time I went there they were just starting the renovations.

Let me tell you Maqueripe has had a complete makeover and the place is lovely!
Makes me feel like I could visit more often! (if only male sea bathers didn't wear their boxers shorts in the ocean).

Here are some shots I took.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I got pulled over by the police

After a long ass day at the office last evening, I pack up, jump in the car and head out of the parking lot. It's just a couple of minutes to 7 and now starting to get a lil dark.

Driving down Dundonald Street, a police car comes out of Oxford Street and stops while I pass by. A couple seconds later, approaching the red light at the end of the street, I hear the sound of the police siren and think "Steups, damn police does never want to wait eh. What is the damn emergency?" and I pull to the side to let the police pass.

Aye aye, is because the police car comes in front of me and two police officers, one male and female, come out from the vehicle and approach my car. I pull up my handbrakes and switch off.

The male officer asks me, "Why aren't your lights working?"
I reply, "They aren't? Oh, I just didn't put them on" *moves to put on light*
Officer, "Can you put on your park lights please?"
Me, "Sure"
Officer, "Miss your park lights are not working so you will need to have that checked out"
Me, "Oh okay, thanks, I'll do that"
Office, "I hope we didn't scare you eh, but we just have to be sure in these types of situations"
Me, "Of course you scared me!!" LOL.
Officer, "Sorry about that. Have a good evening"
Me, "Thank you, same to you."

It was a heart stopping moment. Needless to say I almost peed myself. This was the first time I was actually pulled over in such a manner that wasn't a roadblock or something of that nature.

Still haven't fixedthose lights though, maybe tomorrow. LOL.