Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Ole Years!!!

How was your year?

I think I had a pretty good year with volunteering for the ICC Cricket World Cup in March and FINALLY getting my house in November.

Hopefully it's only more good things to come for 2008. All the best to you and yours and see ya in 2008!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree...

I love my tree.
I've had this 5ft tree for eight years and it's served me well.

The first year my tree was just lights, poinsettias, and the beads.
Every year I try to add some new decoratios to the tree.
I also put the tree up on a box to make it look taller.

This is the last year for my tree :( as I want to upgrade to a taller 7.5/8ft tree next year.

I'll be hitting Excellent Stores for the 50% off Christmas Sale this year to get my tree (hopefully) at half price.

On the something day of Christmas...

I've lost count now but the house in finally starting to look passable.

The Christmas tree is up...
I've bought all my gifts...
Most of my gifts are wrapped...

Just to finish up the house and we good to go!

Monday, December 17, 2007

On the 8th day of Christmas…

The boys’ room has been painted and is looking great!
The bathroom has been scrubbed clean.
Everything else in the house is still upside down.
My tree still isn’t up yet.

Friday, December 14, 2007

On the 11th day of Christmas...

My house is still upside down...

With only 11 days to go til Christmas I have found myself in a position where, as we Trinis like tuh say, I eh put away meh house.

The living/dining room is littered with all my boot making paraphernalia, materials to make my centerpieces and my jewellery making stuff, along with a myriad of clothing to be folded and put away.

I have subsequently locked off all boots/centerpiece/jewellery making activites, with plans to start the putting away process this weekend.
And with the boys out of the house at camp for the weekend, I'm hoping to get a lot done.

Renovation on the house starts early next year, so there'll be no painting, just a through clean, sweep and mop.

The Oracle is no more...

Imagine my surprise when making my blog rounds this morning to find this post by Saucy.

Hello Everyone, well it is with a heavy heart but still steely eyed
determination I write to tell you the 'The Oracle' is officially off for this

I want to thank each and everyone of you for the support you have given to
this venture and also offer you an explanation that I believe you more than
Before I go on let me inform you that this 'failure' for me is a wonderful
thing, it strengthens and tests you to see just what you are really made of,I
could go into a corner and weep, but instead I am even more determined now, I
have a story to tell and no matter what obstacle is placed before me (feel free
to test that theory out), The Oracle will take her place firmly in Trinidad
Carnival!! maybe not this year, but she is coming and when next you see her, you
will understand her evolution.

I had to double check The Oracle group on Facebook, because I was in total shock.

I am a firm believer in "nothing happens before its time", and I just want to tell Aaron not to give up hope, and when is fuh fuh you.

Much love to Aaron and The Oracle team and Gnothi Seauton.

BTW Aaron, my son WILL NOT me...he done start work on his designs for 2009 already!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mama dat is Mas!

hiSo this morning I was making my early morning rounds checking emails, blogs and websites, and decided to randomly click on The Oracle website.

Just in case you've been under a rock or are new to my blog, The Oracle is a new mas band this year, who from the moment I saw the sneak peek of the costumes on Saucy's blog, made me throw my Carnival plans out the window. this morning I clicked on The Oracle website and see a link "Designer's Portfolio".
Clicked further to see Carnival Designs, Louis Saldenah '06-'07.

Wow. Just wow.

Some beautiful sketches of mas.

Here's just a few that caught my eye this morning.

Monday, December 10, 2007


outside a construction site ...... on Diego Martin Main Road (opposite Starlite)

This is yet another email from Dee...

When las yuh see de BLIMP? ..

A friend of mine sent this email to me (I eh know why she eh start she own blog yet)

It's good to reach to work on a Monday morning and get a good laugh.

The BLIMP is back!!! (sigh of relief) ..... fuh real ..... ah see it (an ah hear it) ...... dis morning (yes, Sunday morning) ....... in de west ...... it circle and circle and cirlce ...... fuh about 45 mins ....... actually it wasn't circles nah ..... it was more like lines ..... straight lines ..... cuz it was just going back and forth .... back and forth ...... east tuh west ..... west tuh east ...... I think maybe it picked up the clicking of
my camera ..... and was trying to pinpoint where the disturbance was coming
from ..... cuz yuh know it high-tech like dat !!!???? ....... but back tuh de BLIMP itself ..... aka ....... AIRSHIP ...... aka ....... DIRIGIBLE ....

..... why dey didn't give it one of those more serious sounding names??!!! ....... so at least it coulda have ah hot name ...... tuh go wit de "hot air" ....... an odda dan dat ...... it eh no secret ...... dat in dis country ...... alotta tings dat start wit de letter
"B" ...... jus BAD! ....... like ...... B-mobile ...... and ...... B-link ...... so why ....... B-limp ....... it was destined to be BS too! ......

....... from now on ..... I tink ....... I will call it de AIRSHIP ...... dat soundin more official ..... dat soundin like it could rel help wit crime ........ it soundin ..... like de air
in it ..... is cool air ...... an not "hot air"!!! ...... but seriously ...... do you know exactly what the Blimp is about ..... I have no
idea what it does ..... or what its supposed to do ..... any ideas?

All text, photos and captions and courtesy wuzdescene.

Monday, December 03, 2007

My Christmas Wish List...

I'm keeping it simple this year....

3. H2O Phlo Christmas cd
4. SIMS castaway for the PC or PS2
6. Gift certificate from RIK
7. Gift certificate from Wonderful World
8. An mp3 player
9. World Peace

Items #1,2, 4 and 5 are available on
The others are available locally.
Please ensure that all gifts are nicely wrapped in some gorgeous paper with a FAB! bow.