Friday, December 14, 2007

On the 11th day of Christmas...

My house is still upside down...

With only 11 days to go til Christmas I have found myself in a position where, as we Trinis like tuh say, I eh put away meh house.

The living/dining room is littered with all my boot making paraphernalia, materials to make my centerpieces and my jewellery making stuff, along with a myriad of clothing to be folded and put away.

I have subsequently locked off all boots/centerpiece/jewellery making activites, with plans to start the putting away process this weekend.
And with the boys out of the house at camp for the weekend, I'm hoping to get a lot done.

Renovation on the house starts early next year, so there'll be no painting, just a through clean, sweep and mop.

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