Wednesday, October 31, 2007

T&T Moving with COP...very noisily too...

After a long day at work, the last thing I want to hear while trying to unwind and relax is loud music.
Worst yet if it being blasted from a truck.
Worst yet still if is anything to do with this 2007 election campain. (and no, I eh spell it wrong)
And yet this is what happened this evening when I got home.

The COP representative for my area of Laventille East/Morvant, Ms. LaToya Callender, paid the area a very noisy visit this afternoon.

I was alerted to this by a music truck blasting, no, not "T&T Moving with COP" campain song, but instead playing reggae, dub and of course some soca for good measure.

After being subjected to the very loud music for about 1/2 hour (I wonder what the EMA have to say about that?) I finally walked outside to see what the noise and commotion was about and to talk to the candidate.

The first thing my husband and I asked her was about the loud music, and more specifically, the genre of music which in our opinion just confirms the stereotype of the area.

Miss Callender, replied by saying that the music was just to alert people of the area and to get them out of the house (that was successful) and that she would talk to them about the type of music (Hot Wuk, Frogback and the like) that was being played.

She said she had no objection to the song that was being played while we were speaking to her at the time, which was Faye-Ann Lyons' "Move", because of her "disgust of the PNM".

Well from the time she gone there, she lorse me...cause I find for this whole campain, very few, if any of these it COP, UNC-A or PNM dealing with the real issues at hand. Is one setta ole talk and picong and up to now I cyar hear what allyuh going to do about key issues like crime and high food prices. I guess I'll have to read about that in the COP manifesto I got this evening.

Anyhoo, we spoke to Miss Callender for a bit, but in ususal last minute election campaign style, we had to cut our questions about the plan for our area short.
It should be noted that after our discussion the music truck lowered its music until I could no longer hear it like it was playing in my house.
I must say though that Miss Callender is quite articulate and at only 21 years old has a long way to go in the politricks game. And kudos to her as well cause hers has been the only face I've seen so far. You can read more about La Toya Callender here.

No more classes...

I had my last class yesterday and the countdown to exams has officially begun.

My exam timetable is as follows:

Marketing - November 13th
Public Relations - November 15th
Advertising - November 20th

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

5000 HITS!!! And counting...

So sometime since I last posted on Wednesday and over the weekend this blog passed the 5,000 maccometer mark.

I can't remember the exact figure, but when I left on Friday the blog was at 4,980-something...and when I checked it on Monday it was at 5,049.

I would like to thank...*pulls paper with speech from bra* regular readers (all 13 of you at last count), the regular and other maccos who pass through, those who've linked me on their own blogs and all the other random people who bounce me up while googling "super FAB! women rocking super FAB! afros".

Christmas decorations are up!

In the office.
My co-worker and I started and finished them off last week.
Here's a look...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Overheard on my street...

Our neighbourhood spranger staggering in the road last night.

"Ish not my fault...if I only jink milk I does get

Overheard on Independence Square...

Vagrant to random woman on the pavement.
"Miss, lemme get ah dollar to buy ah newspapers nah"

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Update on Beyond...

So yesterday I mentioned the PNM "Beyond" ad campaign.
Apparently that was just a teaser because I saw this ad in the newspaper today.

Tongue in Chic...

Whatever happened to Loose Lips Laura?
I used to read her lil pieces of gossip and get a little laugh every so often.

So in lieu of Loose Lips Laura, as often as I hear a lil piece of something I will post it on my blog, under the heading "Tongue in Chic" (Cheek).

This is the first (and maybe only) installment.

AC understands that a former section leader of the now defunt Barbarossa and Poison, now finds themselves between a rock and a hard place.

The section leader who has not brought out a section for the past two years is said to be owing some of their designers money and has now resorted to selling off their jewellery.

Word reaching AC's ear is that one designer is owed as much as $20,000! Not a paltry sum at all.

It was suprising to hear this, having played with the said section leader myself, and knowing that their sections used to be quite full and we the masqueraders would have a merry time.

Apparently there were a lot of snakes close to the entertainer turned section leader, who gave poor financial advice, which has resulted in their demise.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pics from my camera phone...

Taken on Maracas last Friday.
Went up with the family after work.

Stick No Bills...

I only hope after elections this year (Novemeber 5th, just in case yuh now come out from under a rock) that these parties remove all the bills they've stuck/sprayed along our walls, lamposts, concrete dividers and all over the place, before they end up in a drain somewhere contributing to our already ridiculous flooding situation.


I have always been one to check out ads whether they be in the press, on the tv or radio, wherever.

When I saw this Beyond. See. Think. Live ad in the newspaper yesterday morning the first thoughts that popped into my head were:

"Aye aye, like Coca Cola have a new ad?
Hmmm...Westport have a new line or something?"

Only to look up in the corner and see the PNM logo.

So tell get ketch too ent?

Legacy Pics and Video

After pulling the pics and video off my camera, I ended up with very dark and not very detailed pics and video.

These are just a few of them cleaned up a bit.
And I actually spotted a cowrie that's some Africa right there!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Legacy Band Launch-Passages : The Aftermath

When: Saturday 13th October 2007
Where: The anchorage/Tsunami
How much: FREE for me in VIP!

Picture this:
Sipping on drinks aplenty
Having some corn soup that tasting irie
Rubbing elbows with the rest of the VIPs
Afro Chic looking FAB! and swanky.

So I pulled some strings and asked a friend of my mom to get me two media passes for Legacy’s launch on Saturday night, that's why I really couldn’t tell you how much it was to go to Legacy’s launch. I was guessing it might have been about $80 in advance, cause scalpers were selling tickets at $60.00.

I have no idea WHY Big Mike insists on having his launches in Anchorage/Tsunami…ah mean who parties that far west anymore unless is for Insomnia.

Anyhoo, the entrance to Tsunami was draped in African print cloth, as were the committee people, and those of us going to the media launch were given some wooden beaded necklaces to wear around our necks.

I was amazed at the size of the crowd ‘backstage’ at Tsunami at 9:15ish which was the time I got there. People were drinking by the bar, lining up by the doubles man/woman and sipping on corn soup and generally having a good time.
The DJ was real getting on with his selections too…made me feel like I coulda put on a costume and jump across a stage.
Never mind that at one point during the evening, ice ran out and then shortly after that, there were no cups! In the VIP area! But this didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirit though.

Not long after we got there, the music stopped and some drumming began, and some young ladies were brought to the stage.

I recall the DJ saying that they represented the something something of West Africa, but they were just in the same African print skirts and tube tops. I still have no idea what was the purpose of that particular presentation, except maybe to show off how super slim/sexy/slender the models were.

About half hour after this, the costume presentation began.

Now doh get vex that I was backstage and not have shots eh.
I was taking video and pics of the costumes, my camera died, and I still have to upload my pics to my pc. But yuh know Saucy always on the ball, so you could check out her pics here and her review here.

Legacy presented 20 sections, all of which looked really nice and seemed to be of good quality with regard to the beadwork and headpieces etc.

I can’t remember the names of any, except for Shaka Zulu and The Nile, but I do remember liking the first section in white and gold, a section in blue and copper and the Strong Men and Rude Girls section Shaka Zulu.

This young lady caused quite a stir at the launch, shaking it and having a time like it was nobody’s business.
And of course who could forget the two models with the afros a la yours truly? Who say yuh cyar play mas with yuh afro…

The highlight of the night was when President George Maxwell Richards (Uncle Max) and Dr. Jean Ramjohn Richards (Aunty Jean), were invited up on stage and Unlce Max promptly secured a space next to a Masai warrior and Aunty Jean immediately went next to the Strong Man in Shaka.

Overall I found the mas to be well put together, though I think that the Legacy team would have done better to have less sections for max impact on the road, as many of their sections this year only had a few people.

As for capturing the theme of Africa, that’s another story. But what can one really expect from a beads and bikini band except for a vague reference to the theme?

Around 11 o'clock, the patrons in the VIP area were invited to go across to the still being renovated Anchorage to continue the partying. It was soon after this that I left the party and headed home.

Pics courtesy Saucy 'on the ball' Trini.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Carnival Boots by Afro Chic...

Have a peek at some boots I'm working on for Carnival 2008.

Allyuh doh kill meh here today nah!

Guess who have a blog now?
You guessed it... Basdeo Panday!

In an effort to connect with our younger audience, I have commissioned a committee to make me a banner that fully encompasses how important I am. While I have started wearing my red beret to show how much I am like Che Guevara and how much like Nelson Mandela I am spending time in jail for no reason, the younger generation might not understand just how important I am, so I included Leonidas from the film 300. That’s what the kids are into these days I understand.

And Uncle Bas on Facebook too eh!
He and Uncle Pat is friends now. LMAO.