Monday, July 25, 2011

TRIBE - Take Me To...

Departure date: Saturday 23rd July 2011

Flight cost: $260.00 (free rum, beer and vodka)

It was 10:00pm and I was running late for my flight. The departure time was set for 11:00pm and I didn’t want to be late and miss the media launch of TRIBE’s 2012 presentation, “Take Me To”.

As I made my way to the gateway with my luggage (camera), I was told I had to board at another gate. Now 10:20pm, I had to hustle to the next gate, where they checked my ticket, id and gave me my boarding pass. The flight was PACKED! I thought it was a Dash 8, but it was more like an Airbus.

Anyhoo, I eh think ah could do a whole review using flight and plane analogies so let’s get down to it. After some drama with getting a special wristband which would allow me to get behind the scenes, I finally made it backstage to the media launch.

As you would have already noticed if you watched Triniscene’s live feed, this year things were a bit different. Saucy did live commentary, while I did the tweeting for TS and Saucy, PLUS Saucy had a photog stageside shooting the pics that would be on the blog. Yes, the team has grown! All we need now is a drinks runner, a back and foot massager, and some sexy ass men fanning us and we good to go!

So we setup stageside and patiently await the media launch of the costumes.

The launch finally starts (not on time) and we are introduced to the flight team, Monique, Lana, Kristy, Ruanna and the other ladies of TRIBE. We were then introduced to the captain of TRIBE himself, Mr. Dean Akin. Dean made some very interesting points, some of which you can read here. The costumes were shown, pics were taken and uploaded but held back until the actual launch.

There was a brief lull in between the media launch, during which we had to go under our tent backstage and set up for the main launch. It was during this lull, I was able to get some shots of my own and see some of the costumes close up.

South Beach

Gorgeous colour combo. If you didn’t play in Charmeuse in 2010, here’s your chance. I love the gold swirl elements on the string...err...belt and the cage bra's jeweled detail is very nice. I also really like the arm pieces.


One of the comments I heard was, "Since when Big Bird=Rio?" A pretty decent costume in yellow and gold, but I expected more for Rio. The detail on the bra and belt is very nice. The wrist accessories are familiar to me.

St. Tropez

That individual costume looks SO very familiar to me, but I just can't put my finger on it. And I'm not just talking about its resemblance to Habotai. I think this costume is just way too much pink for my taste. But, still pretty.


I love this section, and I doh care who says otherwise. The most I would do is add some pheasants to that collar and I would be done. I spoke with the designer and he said there is no backline, no frontline as he is just keeping it simple this year. I like the simplicity, although I would like to see a bikini option.


Peach for Vegas is not what I had envisioned. Red to me, says Vegas. Colour aside, this costume is another pleasant one. Not in love with that torso waist belt thingy. The individual has no belt, just a decorated panty.


Another beautiful colour combination in a very nekkid package. (I won’t be surprised if photobucket removes my pics for indecency) I like the way the arm pieces attached to the headpiece. Great feature. Very skimpy.


Gorgeous colour combo. If you didn’t play in Charmeuse...oh no wait...this isn't South Beach. I cannot beleive TRIBE did two of the same colour combos in the band. It just seems lazy to me. That said, I do love the coque feather tail piece....very cute look, though it is a wine blocker.


Yes it is possible for a costume to be even more naked than Fiji. Doh let the backpack fool you! Take off that backpack and the three string is revealed in all its glory! The model's body for the what I assume is the frontline, was reedonculous! The model for the individual, I LOVED how she moved that costume. Very nice.


*yawn* If Osage of 2010 and Amazon of 2011 had a baby, it would be called Santorini. I real not getting the choice of colour for this section which is supposed to represent a city in Greece. And the Mastana Bahar hand thingies, are way too stiff and awkward looking.


I love a blue costume. I love this one too, and would have played in it, if I wanted to relive Amazon, Amazonia and Pele individuals from this year. The backline is pretty.


A simple safe costume. I like the collar. But it looks like some extra material from Ice Warriors was used here.


A visually stunning costume, but again very familiar elements from Titans and Archaen Odyssey. I like the shape of the headpiece, the wristpieces and the leg pieces, but it does give the costume a busy look.


All the males were grouped together, and I will review them as such...they failed. Epically. With the exception of Dubai's individual, Ibiza, and Johannesburg, the male costumes are fine for masqueraders who "just want a board shorts and a wristband", which I guess most guys do.

I did not even notice that no backlines costumes were shown until someone mentioned it on twitter. I have never been to a band launch where that decision (deliberate or not) was made.

After the costumes Kes took the stage and performed a fantastic set. While we set the pics to upload we went stageside and had a time!

Overall TRIBE's costumes are pretty.

Pretty standard.

Pretty naked.

While I don't expect a 100% adherence to the theme, I did expect a lot more. There was no WOW factor this year, just quite a few recycled ideas, elements and materials. What I really loved was the flight attendant uniforms...those were uber cute!

Despite all the criticism begin thrown at them for too much feathers, not enough belts however, we all know that TRIBE will still sellout within minutes of them opening up their registration.

Check out my backstage pics on photobucket HERE.