Thursday, November 29, 2007


And not just building too!

Trinidad felt the effects of an earthquake today at around 3:00pm.

7.5 yuh know...they say it was the strongest in the region since God was a boy.

So of course now everybody saying it's the end of days...

I felt it while sitting in some traffic on Tragarete Road and was wondering who the heck was shaking my car.

So far, from making some calls to my friends, it seems the earthquake was felt as far west as St. James and as far east as Arima.

Read some more about the earthquake here, and tell me where you were when you felt it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Weekend Update with Afro Chic...

So on Friday afternoon at about two o'clock, I officially became a homeowner. :D
After too damn long, the hubby and I finally signed on the dotted line (well not so much dotted...more of a space) at the lawyers office. We have some work to do on the house that is scheduled to start early next year. YAY ME!!

Friday evening saw me starting to decorate the office across the hallway from mine. After seeing the job I did in my office, I was hired to do theirs as well.
Got home tired no ass sometime after 8...or was it 9?


Yes, Saturday was my wedding anniversary (nine years, would you believe?), but I had to go back to the office early in the a.m. and finish the decorating.

Finished up the office area and needless to say it's looking FAB!

So got back home and relaxed with the hubby and family.

For our anniversary dinner we went to Paprika.
Paprika was absolutely FANTASTIC.

The ambiance...eclectic and tres interesting
The music...the hubby's fave...80s
The food...OMG! I recommend the 4 cheese pasta.
The I in Trinidad?!?!?
Hands down one of my best restaurant experiences ever.
4 out of 5 stars.

(But shhh!!! doh let everybody know how good it was cause yuh know how dem Trini does rush nice ting.)
Sunday was a quiet day at home for some well needed rest.
Yuh think it easy decorating or what?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Interview Update...

Guess who got the job?

Well it wasn't me.

We thank you for interviewing for the position of [position] at our
[department name].

We advise that the selection was very competitive and the position was
offered to another candidate who more fully satisfied al lthe

We encourage you to pursue your career goals.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Overheard on the playground...

Primary school girl walks up to primary school boy.

Girl: John...Jane says to tell you that she likes you...and that she's available!
*snaps fingers over head and walks off*

Boy: YEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!! Ah tell allyuh she like meh!!

The Cake...

I had a good early morning laugh with this one.

The name of the bakery has been removed since I could not confirm that it was infact the said bakery (and the cake box doh look like it came from that bakery).

Bakery Employee: Hello this is **** bakery department, how can I help you?

Customer: I would like to order a cake for a party this week, please.

Employee: What you want written on the cake?

Customer: Best Wishes Suzanne, and underneath that, We will miss you.

Employee: OK is that all? then come to collect the cake in 3 days, mam.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stamps of Paradise...

Last Sunday evening found me at Suffolk Road, Belmont for Classix Productions band launch for 2008.

Unlike previous years, the launch was held at the mas camp and I received a call from the band leader herself, Vanessa Forde to attend.

This year the band has a total of six sections, and is portraying "Stamps of Paradise: a Caribbean Collection" which shows various items that can be found in the Caribbean, from Birds of Paradise to the Rain Forest.

While there were no costumes modelled by young masqueraders, there were costume pictures on display. Costumes are designed by Randal Halfhide and prices range from $595 to $950.

click to make image larger

As Vanessa explained while most of the drawings were female, yet indicate that it was a unisex section, the boys will be playing in a sailor type pants as seen in the prototype below for Rain Forest.

The costumes will be outfitted with lightweight backpacks for the children to carry. I particularly like the section Faces of The Future and the Underworld.

Registration was taking place on Sunday with quite a few persons, (myself included) signing up their kids.
The kids were treated to the customary soft drinks and party bags which they enjoyed.

Contact info for Classix Productions
Band Leader: Vanessa Forde
Mas camp: Suffolk Road, Belmont
Directions: Turn left at Jerningham Avenue traffic lights. Drive until you reach the next set of traffic lights and turn right. Suffolk Road is the first road on the right.


Yuh ever study for an exam and nothing yuh study came on the exam?

Yuh ever think yuh ready for an exam and when yuh open de paper yuh double check tuh see what exam it is yuh supposed to be writing?

Yuh ever come out of an exam wondering why de hell yuh teacher say is a breeze and yuh ketch yuh ass?

Well that was my last exam today, Advertising.

We all walked out of that exam wondering WTF?

But at least it's over. Amen.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I had an interview today.
It was within my company but a different department and at a higher pay bracket.

While it's in an area that my studies are aligned to, I've applied to this department so many times that I think I've become very jaded.

The people around me aren't though.
My manager called me into the office earlier this week and told me to go in to the interview with a positive attitude.
My coworkers have been talking about me moving on, as if they get the zeppo and I bussing it tomorrow.
The hubby and 'rents told me to be positive as well.

So I went into the interview (positively) and answered the usual interview type questions and was my usual fabulous self.
I think the interview went well, but I'm still being cautiously optimistic.
I should know who they choose in about two weeks or so.

Monday, November 05, 2007


I've already heard two complaints of incompetence on the part of those hired by the relevant authorities. It seems that some of them need to read "Alphabetical Order for Dummies".
I'll be off this afternoon to stain my finger, and hopefully by then they'll have everything in order.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Hair and Now...

It's been just over a year since I last cut all my hair off, and my hair can now go into a cute lil afro puff "ponytail" for work.

I do still rock my FAB! fro of course and just today some random woman behind me in the line at Puff n Stuff asked me if it was my real hair.


Pics from my visit to Tobago two weekends ago.