Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I had an interview today.
It was within my company but a different department and at a higher pay bracket.

While it's in an area that my studies are aligned to, I've applied to this department so many times that I think I've become very jaded.

The people around me aren't though.
My manager called me into the office earlier this week and told me to go in to the interview with a positive attitude.
My coworkers have been talking about me moving on, as if they get the zeppo and I bussing it tomorrow.
The hubby and 'rents told me to be positive as well.

So I went into the interview (positively) and answered the usual interview type questions and was my usual fabulous self.
I think the interview went well, but I'm still being cautiously optimistic.
I should know who they choose in about two weeks or so.


D Trini in Me said...

Good luck...I know you will pass with flying colors.

squeezle said...

Good luck AC!

Geisha said...

Two.Weeks. That is just bogus.


AC said...

Thanks guys!