Friday, March 31, 2006

My Birthday Week

Most people take a day off for their birthday, but I was on a week vacation for mine.
It was supposed to be a week of relaxation and it kinda more or less was.

Monday: Cinema by to see some crap movie "Hills have Eyes"

Tuesday: Had a paraffin pedicure at Institute de Beaute and did my nails. (First time for me and the paraffin wax).

Wednesday (My budup day): Went in town with my baby niece Zaria and her mom, then did my first ever bikini wax guessed it...Institute de Beaute. Wednesday evening...some much needed sleep...I was dog tired.

Thursday (Holiday): Slept until about 9am. Read the end of my Patterson "Honeymoon"...started my Dickey (can't remember the name now)...slept...woke to my birthday dinner...came home...finished my Dickey and then...yep...slept.

Friday (today): Went in town and limed with my foamie, went to "The Faulls"...came home.

It was a blessed birthday week indeed.

I gone.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another First For Me

So yesterday I went for my first ever massage.

I received a voucher from Calley from Institute de Beaute (since Christmas, but then it expired, then I had to get it extended, then I couldn't go becauseI had sunburn, then the next week I forgot the voucher home, then last week they didn't have my appontment), I finally made it yesterday.

Gone into the lil changing area. Took off my clothes and wrapped a towel around my body and one around my head. Lay down on my tummy and waiting for the body scrub in this semi-darkish room wid some real ahm...kinda massage type music playing.

So the girl puts the first set of whatever it is on my leg (warmish) and starts to srcub.


The body scrub feels like they use the coarsest most granular apricot industrial strength or something. And she rubs my skin using loofah-type gloves...Well yes.
Now while at first it felt like the woman was trying to srcub away my first 5 or so layers of epidermis, but after a while you get accustomed to the feel of being tortured by those little granules.

After the scrub, I had to go into the sauna for 10 minutes. Another first. It was cool (well hot) for the most part...I had to keep my face in the towel cause I didn't like the feel of the heat on my face.

Next came the best aromatherapy massage.


That was fantastic. Same postion...face down...enjoying the music, the smells and then...the woman starts to slap me!! Dred...My legs were assaulted. But then she went back into the massage and pulled all my fingers, toes, massaged my back. I actually felt stress leaving my fingertips.

It was wonderful. I probably won't do the body scrub again...but I could definitely see the Aromatherapy Massage getting regular play by me.

I gone.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Poetry Recital

So someday last week we were driving by the National Museum and out of the corner of my eye (not the good one, the other one) I saw the name 'Maximus Dan'. *excited* Asked Calley to turn around to check out what the banner said.
March 21st.
International Poetry Day.
Poetry Recital.
National Museum.
Max is a Mus Dan will be there. *more excitement*

So we bookmark the date and make plans.
I was keeping my exppectations low. Like real low.

So last night we reach in and sit down. (With our copy of Love Generation - Maximus' CD for 2K6 FYI.)
After all the relevant protocol of opening the function began.

Hear nah! First performer...Delana...Performed a piece with her daughter on her hip with one smooth voice. And from there it just got better.
Chike Pilgrim with Hell Phone. Kile Seijas, bout mash up! Shakella...another smooth voice.

And after dat was Maximus.

Well once Maximus reach on stage I got up and went tuh de side one time. He opened with (good grief I can't even remember what now *shame*) and then went into my absolutely favorite song right now, Love Generation. HEAR NAH! Tears come to my eyes oui. I eh go lie. Dat song does just...*sigh* Ah does feel it all in meh toe.

After Maximus was intermission. (He signed my CD and I got a picture with him...ah looking real dotish and starstruck in de pic doh.)

Second half opend with Malice, then there was Collis Duranty, Kepha Yaseph, meh boy Ozy Majic (suck a doux doux, Abinta Clark and they closed with I-Sasha.

Well needless to say Calley and I had to stand up and groove tuh dat special fuh us. (Got a pic with I-Sacha too and told him why I like his song so much.)

But all in was a GREAT night spent. There's supposed to be another one in October or thereabouts...Thing is it was free entry and free refreshments eh...I find dey could charge a small change buh... *shrug*

I definitely heading there again. Everytime I think about it...meh pores does raise.

"So give some love to yuh enemy, show dem you got de remedy"

I gone.