Friday, March 31, 2006

My Birthday Week

Most people take a day off for their birthday, but I was on a week vacation for mine.
It was supposed to be a week of relaxation and it kinda more or less was.

Monday: Cinema by to see some crap movie "Hills have Eyes"

Tuesday: Had a paraffin pedicure at Institute de Beaute and did my nails. (First time for me and the paraffin wax).

Wednesday (My budup day): Went in town with my baby niece Zaria and her mom, then did my first ever bikini wax guessed it...Institute de Beaute. Wednesday evening...some much needed sleep...I was dog tired.

Thursday (Holiday): Slept until about 9am. Read the end of my Patterson "Honeymoon"...started my Dickey (can't remember the name now)...slept...woke to my birthday dinner...came home...finished my Dickey and then...yep...slept.

Friday (today): Went in town and limed with my foamie, went to "The Faulls"...came home.

It was a blessed birthday week indeed.

I gone.


seche said...

what is a foamie?

a chic fro said...

That's my g/f from work, who I get into mischeif with sometimes. Heh.

seche said...

oh HO!!

All sorts of images came to mind trying to figure out what that was.