Wednesday, July 30, 2008

D'Krewe Media Launch - Pics...

Just a few pics of four of the sections previewed this afternoon by D'Krewe.

Review to come, and check out more of my pics on Facebook.



Spirit of Irie

Bird of Paradise Flower

Monday, July 28, 2008

TRIBE Launch - The aftermath...

Saturday 26th July 2008
Venue: Pier 1

Price: $260

Better late than never right? This is my review as a non-biased non-TRIBER for life. ;)

This was my first year going to TRIBE's Launch.

Even though I left home at 10:00pm, I still ended up in the most ridiculous traffic since AC3. My crew and I, including blogger Ms. Licious who I carpooled with (thanks Ms!), eventually made it to the venue, parked somewhere behind God back and walked to Pier 1 entrance.
Kudos to TRIBE for encouraging people to carpool with the parking at Pier 2 for those who did.

My first impression of the venue: WOW!
But then again I expected nothing less from TRIBE...ah mean love them or hate them...we know TRIBE does deliver.
Cages and bush and waterfalls and lights everywhere.

Fake birds chirping (lil loud), real birds chirping up in their cages, the parrot at the entrance telling you "Welcome to TRIBE *SQUAWK*" Corny as heck, but you got the idea...yuh reach TRIBE launch and it have something to do with birds. I too had some concern about the birds and told Ms. Licious that I was SURE someone would talk about that, so said so done.
Women in costume in cages too! Anyhoo...

We reach inside...if allyuh see people! If I didn't know better I would have thought I was transported back in time to Bazodee Friday or something...people like feathers on a headpiece! Like beads on a costume (unless is Paprika we talking about :P)

We headed straight for the bar grabbed some drinks and then stage front because an earlier text from Saucy said presentation starting at 12:00. As we were making our was stage side we heard an announcement that said Costumes at 1:00am. I guess plenty people were still stuck in traffic and they wanted to make sure as many people saw the presentation as possible.

Well 1:00am came and passed and nothing. Nothing at 1:15am.

In the meantime this inconsiderate woman to the front of the stage kept leaning back (on me) to take pics of her friends.

Okay fine, you happy you here and your friends are having a time, but oh shizzle man, the space in front already tight with everybody taking up a position for pics, why you have to behave foolish so? And why your friends can't tell you to cool your stupid ass and behave? People have some control over allyuh friends please cause I was ready tuh cuff dat woman in her face and just had to move away, cause I wanted to see the costumes more.

Aye aye finally 1:30ish reach and we hearing some action, birds making noise over the speaker system and some action on the sidelines of the stage.
It seemed (to me at least) that TRIBE had some kinda difficulty (technical or otherwise) before costumes finally made it to the stage.

Sorry there, for a minute I was blinded by the smoke/fog machine.
Here I was thinking that TRIBE does read Saucy blog and know that Fog+Camera=Bad pictures and Upset Phototakeoutters.

Finally the fog clears somewhat and we are able to see the Brazilian Macaw individual costume on display.

Then in a flurry, the male costumes came on.
I think TRIBE actually made an effort with the male costumes this year.
As for the African Love Bird male model *applause*.

First impressions of the costumes: SKIMPY! Beautiful. Ohh...nice. Where the rest of that one?

Now let's have a one on one with each costume, starting from my least favorites to my absolute favorites.

"Not my favorites"

Flight of the Ibis
When I heard that a Scarlet Ibis costume was being done I thought to myself yes, our National Bird being represented...excellent!
Then I saw Flight of the Ibis Individual. :|

TRIBE has effectively made our National Bird extinct with that costume.
When the costume came on the crowd actually went quiet.

It looks likes too many ideas flung onto one costume by several designers. Everybody wanted to be a part of this costume. What's with the beak on the the hand? How the heck am I the masquerader supposed to drink/eat with a beak on my right hand and holding my sad looking wing with my left?
This costume, specifically the individual and frontline costume, rewind and come again TRIBE.

Golden Dove

The frontline of this costume reminds me of Golden Cockfight from Poison. The headpiece seems unbalanced to the arm pieces (I particularly do not like the arm pieces), the bathing suit just confuses me. I do not like this FL costume.
The backline is nice. I like the bathing suit in the backline and the headpiece is nice and manageable.

Pink Flamingo

Does this section have a frontline?
A pink costume with a funny looking feathery thing on your bumsee. It will sell to people who like pink in any form or fashion. It does not even look like it's supposed to represent a bird, it's just another costume with feathers. Next.

There ends my Least Favorite costume list.

Next up is the "Not so Bad/Decent" list.

Night Owl

I had heard that Owl was rumoured to be THE ugliest costume of the lot. It isn't.
Owl is a very nice costume.
There doesn't seem to be a frontline, but the headpiece has a nice detail with the effect of owl eyes and a beak.

Wild Parrot
Cute costume and the colour combination is nice. I wouldn't rush to register with this costume, but it may be taken up by the teeny-boppers who "just want to play in TRIBE".

Humming Bird
This costume was initially on my fabulous list, but I downgraded it.
The colours of the costume are spot on, but I found the chick who modelled the frontline costume didn't do it justice and it seems as if it stops just short of being fabulous. Maybe it needs more wing. Or something.

Blue Tanager

This was the costume featured on last Friday's Guardian and I thought was the backline, but is actually the frontline. Nice blue costume. I like how the wings a neat and tucked back and the headpiece is nice.

This next list gets kinda fuzzy.

These are "Costumes I like, but would not necessarily play in"

Ruby Topaz

Yes the backline is nice.
Yes the frontline wings are gorgeous, but this costume just reminds me too much of Mystique and Isis of this year. (Extra material left over perhaps?)
And for those of you who, like me, had no idea what a ruby topaz was/is Google it.

Brazilian Macaw

Love the colours in this costume and I think the male version of this costume may sellout first.
Jamie-Lee Phillips who modelled this costume looked absolutely stunning. Like this costume was custom made for her and her boobies.


Nice costume and these feathers always look good when put together. Love the backpack and headpiece.

Snowy Owl
With the exception of the spirals things on the back, I like this costume. Gives you the whole snowy effect and feel.

Spangled Cottinga

Wait a minute, am I at Spice's launch? Isn't that costume called Blue Melilot?
Yes I understand that its the same designer, but dred even if the colour was different it mighta make people less inclined to say, "TRIBE tief from Spice".
But then again, very few people seem to know that Spice even exists. So I guess TRIBE safe.

Nevertheless, the costume is amazing! While I didn't like it as Blue Melilot, it is stunning as Spangled Cottinga. FAB! swimsuit. FAB! headpiece! FAB! tail...even though I do not like tails.
The backline is simple yet detailed. May just need a few more feathers in the headpiece though.

African Love BirdThe costume drew a lot of oohhh's and ahhh's form the crowd. Beautiful in its detail, I would not play in this section only because I played in those exact colours this year. But it is simply stunning.

Now to my "If I was playing in TRIBE, I would play in this section" list.

Caged Canary

Okay I'll admit it. At first I did not like this costume as I was not feeling those wrist pieces at all. I told the designer that on the night. But now when I look at it, it is one of my favorites.
This costume has plenty good points. The vibrant colours. The wrist pieces are now a plus cause it gives you the FAB! without you having anything on your bumsee blocking your wine! Excellent.

Green Honeycreeper
Never saw a green costume I liked until this one. The frontline reminds me a lot of Goddess and Defenders (IP circa 2007), but it is beautiful . The male frontline/individual...HOT! HOT!HOT! Did I mention hot?!

Bird of Paradise
Classy. Elegant. Gorgeous.
This is a stunning costume. It's simple but effective. The backline is nice. The individual is gorgeous as well.


This costume speaks to me.
The colour is rich and vibrant. The headpiece is too die for. The leg pieces...I am already seeing the boots to go with this. The tail piece for me is the only drawback as you know Afro Chic does not like things on her bumsee hampering her wine, but for this costume...I would play in TRIBE.

Peacock Individual

This costume also drew some ooh's and ahh's from the crowd, and while it did look good with the nude swimsuit, it looked like a struggle for the model to manouever.

Kudos to TRIBE for having thier models model the costumes wearing boots. It added that extra something.

That's the end of my costume review.

My camera which was not charged during the day, died on me just as the Peacock Individual left the stage and the male individuals came on. I found the male individuals that came on then just okay. Nothing overly amazing to me.

Immediately after the costumes made their last lap on the stage, Bunji and Fayeann came and performed (over tracks). It was a good time to go empty your bladder which I did.

Talking about bladder, kudos to TRIBE for the endless number of porta potties at the venue. Not much waiting, and there were mirrors, hand cream, bounty paper towels. The floor was plenty wet and nasty though. *shudder*

While The Sauce was uploading her pics backstage, I was in front having a time, wining down low and sipping on screwdrivers. (Thank goodness I wasn't driving!)
We got a mix of music, soca when the models were on stage and soca and dancehall during the party afterwards.

I left with Ms. Licous just after 3:30am.

TRIBE's 2009 presentation gets a 8.5 feathers out of 10.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Spice Mas Camp Launch - The Aftermath...

So just after work today I made my way across to Spice's Bandroom which is located across the road from Bat and Ball on Tragarete Road.

Now if yuh not careful and yuh cyar read, or worse yet yuh driving, yuh could miss the err..."sign" which is simply a piece of paper with the words "Spice Band Room this way" and an arrow.
Thankfully I was on foot and I could read so I found it okay. But for those of you driving folks looking for a big sign...doh bodder to look. Just stop before you reach Invaders panyard, if yuh pass de panyard, yuh gone too far. Anyhoo...

The atmosphere in the mas camp was very cool and laid back. I asked if you could take photos (you could) and there were lots of committee members on hand to give you information on the costumes. Only the female costumes were on display, and the only frontlines on display were for Scotch Bennett and Golden Basil. Later on some pictures of the male costume were brought out at put at the base of the mannequins.

My main reasons for me going to the mas camp today were:
1. To see the costumes up close and personal (yes more up close and personal than at the launch)
2. To take an in depth look at my (yes...MY) section and possibly register in my section.
3. To most importantly to have a look at the prices of the costumes.

After looking at the costumes up close I now have some new favorites.
Peppercorns frontline (though not on display) is still my absolute favorite costume of the lot, but at a hefty $4800.00 (WHAT?!?!) Spice just blew me, my budget and my hopes of playing in Peppercorns out the mas camp!

My second favorite costume is now Golden Basil. My only issue with this costume is my complexion and I may just look like I'm naked come Carnival Tuesday...wait...that may not be such a bad idea! LOL. I am loving the design and the detail, the cut of the bra and the backpack that looks pretty comfy and the price here more suits my pocket at $4200.00.

What's the difference between paying $4800 and $4200 you may ask?
It's a difference of $600.00 that I could put toward my Monday wear/boots/bling cup/other Carnival accessories.

Coming up as my third favorite is Sea Salt frontline at $3995.00. The bra for Sea Sat is absolutely GORGEOUS and has some really nice detail.
My least favorite is still the iguana green section whatitsname *shudder* and coming in at a good second to last is Paprika. I simply do not like the colour combination of Paprika nor the shade of green in the iguana costume. I could say more, but I'll stop right there.

Overall Spice's prices are HOT with a capital H-O-T!!
With female costumes (backline) ranging from $2695 to $3295 and frontlines from $3795 to $4800, some costumes just don't seem to be worth price.

For example Cardamom, nice costume but what am I getting for that extra $800 beside some extra feathers and a smaller belt?

And while they have a really nice product, they are still an unknown in the Carnival arena. People still asking me "Spice?" "Who is that now?" "Who they break off from now?"
They may be attempting to compete with the likes of TRIBE and Island People but hello, those are established bands with an established following.

I think maybe Spice got a little bit carried away by people's excitement and the hype and priced their costumes accordingly. Remember not everybody who say they like the costume going to be playing, cause if it was so, I woulda play in about 5 sections this year alone!

Love your costumes Spice...the prices? Not so much.

Want some more Spice in your life? Then check out some of my close up pics on Facebook.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spice Band Launch - The Aftermath...

Date: Saturday 19th July 2008
Location: Zen

I was happy to get a bligh to attend Spice's launch on Saturday. Not so happy because the Avatar Finale was the same night! Thankfully, Avatar finished just about 10 o' clock giving me enough time to get ready and leave the house.

Got a call from the Sauce just as I was about to head out the door at around 11:15pm and told her I was on my way.

Parking was non-existent in and around Zen. The hubby and I finally found a spot, got out and made our way (as advised by the Sauce) to the steps where we would be let in. Unlike Saucy though, I had to wait in a line while they sorted out invitations and bands, meanwhile members of Spice's committee were saying that the presentation had already started!

We eventually made our way inside and stage side where I was able to get some pics of some of the sections.

All I can say for Spice is OMFG! Can we say SKIMPAY?! The costumes are Nekkid with a capital' N'. Sexy yes, but tres skimpy...and did I mention skimpy? Okay right.

So on to the costumes.

Melilot Blue

I think Ive said several times before that I love a blue costume. Melilot Blue unfortunately is not one of them. I am NOT feeling that backpack, that was already showing signs of damage at the launch, wuss yet on the road.
The swimsuit is okay enough but reminds me of IP's Red Tiger 2008. The backline is just okay and overshadowed by the frontline.

PaprikaErr...where is the rest of this costume? This costume is the nekkidess of the lot.
This is an okay costume, but not one of my faves.
I do not like the orange and silver mix.
I do like the way the cage bra hooks around the neck though.

Golden Basil's Brown Sugar with less molasses! No's Golden Basil.
All kicks aside though, I like this section. I like the cut of the bra and the backpack on the frontline.
I also like the belt on this costume. Not a fan of the floral working on the bra as this looks like it may be uncomfortable next to your skin all day.


By far my favorite costume of the night and if I were playing with Spice, this would definitely be my section.
Love the collar around the neck. Perfect for the road. Not too big to block people or disrupt you while throwing some waist.
Love the belt. Love the bra.
I done seeing the boots for this section in my head!

I like this section but I would have preferred the backline bikini with the frontline headpiece.
The use of the rhinestones on the belt here is nice and I like the colour combo. I've always wanted to play in a section in these colours.

This was the last of the costumes I got to see before we went upstairs to view the costumes up close and personal. But before that we were treated to a view of how the costumes would look on the road at night.
Lights on

Lights off

Back to the costumes.

So up on Zen's rooftop we got to view the costumes up close and personal, albeit only the frontline costumes.

Brown Sugar

Still a beautiful costume and one of the sold out sections. One of my favorites.

Sea Salt

Another of the sold out sections.
That headpiece is absolutely WOW! Talk about a headpiece on steroids...I love it. Not sure if I could wear that on the road though. The backline of the costume though reminds me of Egret (IP 2008)

Scotch Bennet

This is a nice costume, esp the frontline, but dare I say a bit too much red?
Nice detail on the bra and the neck piece.

Garden of Sage and Mediterranean Borage

Garden of Sage
I do not like this costume and it's my least favorite. The shade of green needs to be mixed with some other colour or something. Just watching it gives me a headache.

Mediterranean Borage
Love the colour combination on this costume as well as the working on the bra and belt. The frontline thought looks more like a backline and needs something to set it apart.

I stayed and socialised for a bit then left the launch shortly after 1:30pm.

All of the costumes come with a corset option, once requested.

The price range is from $2300 up to $4500.
Now this question was asked to 3 committee members and I got that response from one, but the other two simply told me the prices would be "competitive". Could I get a less straight answer?

Overall the launch was good and I was impressed by Spice's first showing.
I only have a few questions I would like answered:
Where are the dark-skinned models? Was with all the 'red women'?
Where are the ful figured models? What's up with all the stick models?
Where is the soca music? Playing it for just a bit doh's a CARNIVAL band launch.

Overall Spice's presentation gets an 8 out of 10.

You can check Facebook for more pics and closeups of the bras and belts.
Spice - Album 1
Spice - Album 2

And if you haven't already, you can read Saucy's review here and check out her pics as well.

Monday, July 14, 2008

More Kaotic Pics

Kaotic: Life Unleashed - The Aftermath...

Well yes...I real laugh at myself when I see dem pics I upload last night.
Combination of alcohol and tiredness yes! Anyhoo...the review.

So I got the venue just after 8:00pm and was please to see a sign clearly stating that parking for Kaotic was available in the Stadium car park. Parking was a breeze.
I was kinda taken aback at the number of cars I saw there and I said to myself "Wayssss...Kaotic get a good turnout!"
Then I remember that Trinis doh know the meaning of the word carpool and is probably one person per car.

The hubby and I then made our way to St. John's and was told at the gate that by around 9:00pm costumes would be on show. Cool.

But aye aye...amazingly enough it seemed as if Trinis did carpool for the event because upon reaching inside there was quite a good number of people there and I immediately started to feel a nice vibe. But like Carnival in the air boy.

Kaotic's crowd was a nice mix of people. Young, old and in between. Red, white and black and all the races of Trinidad were present and accounted for. By the way ladies, if the men who attended the launch last night going to be playing with the band...yuh eh have no worries if yuh understand what ah mean ;)

I got the opportunity to go backstage and meet Ricardo who told me that I could take pics, but the said to me not to worry, that the models were choreographed and one I was at the end of the runway, I would be good to go.

I took up position at the end of the runway right next to Mr. Butch Limchoy himself, and waited.

And at approximately 9:35pm...we have costumes!!!

Immediate response to seeing the costumes: Nice! Ooohhh!! Check out that one!! Eh heh...ah could see mehself in that!!

*click to make the pics larger of course*

Viva La Vida
I like this colour combination and I like the headpiece.

Copia (Ko-pee-ah, in case yuh having problems pronouncing it) - Female only
I personally do not like female only sections...ah mean who ah wining on when ah reach on stage...well on the "stage"...yuh know what ah mean!

Reminiscent of Silver Mist circa 2008, but overall a nice costume.

Hot Oil
Pretty costume, pretty run of the mill, can someone say Sun Goddess?
And help me to understand "Life Unleashed - Hot Oil" Sounds like possible domestic violence to me.

Beau Jolais
I eh know what it mean, but I LOVE this costume. The colour combination is nice and the frontline is WOW!

Heavenly Passion
Another costume with a frontline I love.

Extreme Fury
Just another red costume that's just okay to me. The working on the costume reminds me of Sonia Mack of two years ago...the name escapes me now.

Deja Vu
I have never played in a purple costume, but if I were to, this would be one I would choose.
The beads between the legs though...I see my stocking shearing.

Mystical Freedom
A black costume that for me, is just missing something. The frontline is okay though.

Aqua Abyss
I LOVE a blue costume and this one is no exception. Lovely.
Ah still seeing stockings shearing with them beads on the side though.

This costume is okay. Not in love with it, but I don't hate it.
I like the beads used on the bra.

In my opinion, this was the worst of the lot. Especially the frontline. The wings were so stiff that the model didn't even bother to walk down the runway a second time.

Emerald Viper
A lovely green costume. And green is not one of my favorite colours. I also like the headpiece, which have a kinda something something to the Cabaret headpiece the Elements previewed last week.

I left the launch, shortly after the costumes were shown and collected a book with all of the costumes in them, although some are missing the frontlines.

Ricardo told me that the backline costumes are all $3000 and under, with the frontlines being around $4000. So start putting aside your money people.

I have LOTS more pics with closeups of bras, leg pieces etc which I will upload later today and update the blog accordingly.

The men costumes are REALLY nice, not the typical men costumes, save for the board shorts, and the neck and chest pieces look very nice and show that at least SOME thought went into the men costumes.

Overall Kaotic's presentation gets a 7.5 out of 10.