Thursday, July 10, 2008

Elements Media Event - The Aftermath

Thanks to Saucy who invited me to be present at Elements Media Event on Wednesday evening at the Royal Princess Casino in Movietowne. I must say that the setting for the launch of Casino Royale was well picked and suited the theme PERFECT
LY. One can only hope that their launch at Pier 1 on the 8th of August will be similarly designed to suit.

Anyhoo…the presentation carded to start PROMPTLY at 5:30pm, started in typical Trini style at 6:00pm.

Mr. Colin Mitchell, Managing Director welcomed the media and sponsors, correction “soon to be sponsors” present and thanked us all for coming. He re-introduce the Elements team including Douglas John, Amanda Jardine, Gisel Laughlin and Charlene Lum Wai (LOVE the shoes!) to name a few.

Colin, in his speech spoke about "every creed and race finding an equal place" in Elements and once you can have fun you're welcome to the band which sounds all nice I suppose, until you looked around and noticed the melanin-challenged persons who make up the committee. Even Mummy Chic, who accompanied me commented on it.

We were then treated to a viewing of two of the costumes Cabaret (green and gold, designed by Charlene Lum Wai) and Jubilee (fushia pink and ornage, designed by Douglas John).

My immediate impression of the costumes was…Ooooo…nice!


With Jubilee I liked the idea of the beads falling from the neck, but did not like the feathers on the butt.

Feathers on the bumsee + Level Winery = A definite no no for Afro Chic.

But it does go with the whole Las Vegas showgirl theme. I like how the headpiece frames the face, but am not in love with the feather boa part of it.


I like the corset option for Cabaret, which is not just some spandex stitched together, but comes complete with the ‘bone’ stitched in as well.

The young lady modeling the costume every so often kept pulling the top of the corset, which just sent off alarm bells for me.

Corset with no support + Jumping up on the road all day = Girls Gone Wild: Trini Style

I am in love with the Cabaret headpiece, (which reminded me of headpieces by Evolution of this year) but not liking the bumsee piece, which just kinda bleh and will hide my lovely thong encased butt come Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Following the presentation, we were treated to some delicious appetizers and Saucy and I had the opportunity to ask the models how things were connected and hooked up. Shortly after this, I left the media event.

You can have a read of Saucy’s review here.

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