Friday, July 25, 2008

Spice Mas Camp Launch - The Aftermath...

So just after work today I made my way across to Spice's Bandroom which is located across the road from Bat and Ball on Tragarete Road.

Now if yuh not careful and yuh cyar read, or worse yet yuh driving, yuh could miss the err..."sign" which is simply a piece of paper with the words "Spice Band Room this way" and an arrow.
Thankfully I was on foot and I could read so I found it okay. But for those of you driving folks looking for a big sign...doh bodder to look. Just stop before you reach Invaders panyard, if yuh pass de panyard, yuh gone too far. Anyhoo...

The atmosphere in the mas camp was very cool and laid back. I asked if you could take photos (you could) and there were lots of committee members on hand to give you information on the costumes. Only the female costumes were on display, and the only frontlines on display were for Scotch Bennett and Golden Basil. Later on some pictures of the male costume were brought out at put at the base of the mannequins.

My main reasons for me going to the mas camp today were:
1. To see the costumes up close and personal (yes more up close and personal than at the launch)
2. To take an in depth look at my (yes...MY) section and possibly register in my section.
3. To most importantly to have a look at the prices of the costumes.

After looking at the costumes up close I now have some new favorites.
Peppercorns frontline (though not on display) is still my absolute favorite costume of the lot, but at a hefty $4800.00 (WHAT?!?!) Spice just blew me, my budget and my hopes of playing in Peppercorns out the mas camp!

My second favorite costume is now Golden Basil. My only issue with this costume is my complexion and I may just look like I'm naked come Carnival Tuesday...wait...that may not be such a bad idea! LOL. I am loving the design and the detail, the cut of the bra and the backpack that looks pretty comfy and the price here more suits my pocket at $4200.00.

What's the difference between paying $4800 and $4200 you may ask?
It's a difference of $600.00 that I could put toward my Monday wear/boots/bling cup/other Carnival accessories.

Coming up as my third favorite is Sea Salt frontline at $3995.00. The bra for Sea Sat is absolutely GORGEOUS and has some really nice detail.
My least favorite is still the iguana green section whatitsname *shudder* and coming in at a good second to last is Paprika. I simply do not like the colour combination of Paprika nor the shade of green in the iguana costume. I could say more, but I'll stop right there.

Overall Spice's prices are HOT with a capital H-O-T!!
With female costumes (backline) ranging from $2695 to $3295 and frontlines from $3795 to $4800, some costumes just don't seem to be worth price.

For example Cardamom, nice costume but what am I getting for that extra $800 beside some extra feathers and a smaller belt?

And while they have a really nice product, they are still an unknown in the Carnival arena. People still asking me "Spice?" "Who is that now?" "Who they break off from now?"
They may be attempting to compete with the likes of TRIBE and Island People but hello, those are established bands with an established following.

I think maybe Spice got a little bit carried away by people's excitement and the hype and priced their costumes accordingly. Remember not everybody who say they like the costume going to be playing, cause if it was so, I woulda play in about 5 sections this year alone!

Love your costumes Spice...the prices? Not so much.

Want some more Spice in your life? Then check out some of my close up pics on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the close-up pics AC, cause on their site you dont get a good view. If I migrate I like Peppercors, golden basil, sea salt. I really like golden basil, that will be my number one choice.
AC I think they will do good in 09. If Tribe really cutting back on their numbers tribers will go with them over the other new bands.

mimi said...

i totally agree with you AC!!!

blahblohblog said...

Wait nuh! Is only July and allyuh Trini choosing costume fuh next year already? Grenada carnival doh even happen yet! :D

All joke aside, my calculation puts those costumes at about EC$1,100 - EC$2,080. My jaw is on the floor!

I do like Golden Basil - go for it. My personal pick is the Scotch Bonnet.