Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Carnival Monday with K2K - The Aftermath

Hmmm..is so long I eh do a blog post...it feeling weird...where to start, where to start? Well lemme start by wishing everybody a Happy Carnival! Hope it was a safe and enjoyable one.

Right. So despite their problems in their first year, I choose once again to play mas with K2K Alliance and Partners. There is no need to say how gorgeous the costumes were, that is understood.

Costume Selection and Registration
When I saw the costumes at the launch, I immediately picked my section. The pink section (Skeptic). Upon further examination at the mas camp and photos, I then decided no, I playing in the black and white section (Knowledge). And what happens when you take too long to decided on your section? Well naturally other sections catch your eye and then I said, nah, I playing in the green section (Conformist).

With 2 weeks or so to go before Carnival I finally made it to the mascamp to pick my section. By this time I had finally decided on the red section, Victory. When I got there I told Mrs. Norman that I wanted to register for the red section to which she said that unfortunately they had no pieces for me to try on in that section yet, but I could try on the other sections.

Excuse me?
You mean like BEFORE I get it? 
You heard right. Persons were allowed to try on the costumes they were interested in before they registered for it!

I tried on Skeptic, FanFare, Dreamer and Challenger.
From the time I tried on Dreamer, that was it! Love at first wear! Plus it was my favourite colour too. After trying on, I went and signed up and paid my downpayment. Past masqueraders also received a $300 discount. The entire process including trying on of the costumes took about an hour.

Costume Collection
I collected my costume on Carnival Thursday and was in and out of the mas camp in 20 minutes. My costume was even more gorgeous than I remembered, and it was exactly, if not better than the prototype. I was very happy with the complimentary goody bag that we received.

Carnival Monday
The band was scheduled to meet at 10:00 am on Monday. We got to the meeting point just about that time and the persons waiting looked beautiful in their tailored jackets.

We did not moved off until about half 11 though as there was an issue with the bar truck not having the right permit, and the Transport commissioner was not allowing the truck to move off until it was sorted out. The issue was eventually resolved and the band moved off.

It was smooth sailing on Monday and we hit all the judging points, Adam Smith Square, Victoria Square, Independence Square and the Queen's Park Savannah stage. We also crossed both the Coca-Cola and Synergy mini stages on Ariapita Avenue. 

We had no official lunch stop on Monday and ate on the road as we headed to Independence Square. Apparently trucks cannot be taken off the road without jeopardising their position in the route (I think R.E.A.C.T has to get involved or something so, if this happens), so our music trucks went ahead while the drinks truck and food van stopped. This almost made us miss crossing the stage downtown, but thankfully most of the masqueraders made it back to the band as our music trucks reached the stage.

While the band made its way to the Savannah, I choose instead to head home with my mom and aunt, as my aunt wasn't feeling well at the time. And I don't ever mind finishing off my day early on Monday as the day on Tuesday is longer. Plus I almost always have things to do with my costume. This year that included doing my boots, bag and adjusting the length of my dress so it wouldn't drag on the ground.

Monday ended well and I was left looking forward to Tuesday.