Friday, August 19, 2011

Island People Heroes - The Aftermath

Date: Friday 12th August 2011
Location: Westopia (Bowen Marine)

I always look forward to an IP band launch and this one was no exception. I got to the venue a bit later than I thought and was a bit taken aback by the location. I found it was way too small for an IP band launch, which in the past have been huge events.

I met Saucy by the entrance (we miss yuh Jumbie!!) and we made our way inside. Either IP was waiting on Saucy and I, or we arrived just in time for the media launch! Members of the media were invited to come up on the stage where the models paraded and we were able to take some up close and personal shots.

After this I went backstage to set up with Triniscene while we waited for the launch to begin. And waited...and waited...and waited...and waited...and then we waitied some more. *yawn* Just as I was about to completely bepp off, the launch began.

IP ah know allyuh does like to do things different but yuh see the original music allyuh does want to be playing to brainwash people?? Oh gorm!
Especially for an hour long presentation? Oh gorm!!
It was like Heaven on Earth (Hell) all over again. De setta kick up antics ting funny the first time, but not for the WHOLE presentation! Plus yuh make people ketch dey royal to take good pics too, maybe dat was allyuh plan yes, tuh distract people.


By now many of you would have already seen the ahm...costumes, and IP has already begun re-working them, but I still gonna give my two cents.

Kaimana - Defender of the Caribbean Seas

I liked the body of this costume with the unusual material used. The headpiece seems totally out of place however ad there is little contrast with the on shade of blue used. But I love blue (most times) and I liked this costume.

Nocturnal - Eradicator of Dark Deeds

This is one costume that should heed it's own name, and eradicate itself from the IP lineup, cause this is indeed a dark deed. From the yellow and black eyes on the bra to the yellow beak covering the vagina, this is just awful.
The sideways kilkaytay headpiece on the model and the half assed not happening IP. I think if you're doing a cape, make it a nice full cape with some type of flash or shimmer or something. But doh make it look like yuh take half yard of fabric, cut that in half and attach it to the person shoulder.
Dat must be another reason why Edna from Incredible say "No capes!"

Solar Flare - Clean Energy Crusader

I like the shade of orange used here very nice, but the frilly crotch is a definite no no. I honestly could not figure out what was/is frontline from backline, but the cut of the orange and pink monokini is a bit much.
The Wayne Berkeley spandex leg Not unless you are trying to portray a cheesy 80's superhero theme. Or unless yuh bling them tuh hell out.

Oya - Master of Weather

Loved this costume. A tastefully done monokini accented in the right places with the right amount of bling. The feathered mohawk headpiece is really well done. My only fault with this costume, is another half-assed cape. This is one of my top four picks.

Wildheart - Feline Crime Fighter

This hot pink leopard print costume isn't bad, but it isn't that good either. There's a bit too much leopard print and hot pink. The shades have to go, along with the thigh-high leg attachments. I did not get to see the yellow version close up, but the backpack on this version seems oddly shaped. I like the yellow just a bit more as the print isn't as outstanding to me.

Element - Upholder of Justice
Despite the multitude of random strings, I like this costume. The colour combo of purple, teal and gold used was very nicely done, and the bustier is very cute. I even like the purple glitter panty, which might be easier to get into than a jewelled one.

Velocity - High Speed Hero

This is a very basic costume in green and hot pink that just not making you go wow. And again with the spandex leg warmers. I dunno what to say bout this one...I'm at a loss. Very underwhelming overall. And the male is one of the worst males I've ever seen.

Fiyah - Wisdom of the Wilds
Someone asked if Capleton designed this costume (not me eh). I like the wet look of the bra, bikini and monokini, but they are very under decorated. The waist and body pieces also look really stiff. I like the frontline for the most part, but those shoulder boas are another misstep.

Kalypso - Protector of Mother Earth's Vibrations

Not a lover of this costume. The colour combo here doesn't work and the weird conelike headpieces with the feathers on top look like it's out of a Dr. Seuss book or something.

Siren - Avenger of the Downtrodden

This is another of my favorite costumes in IP. I like the colours used, it was well executed and the model portrayed it really well. My only complaint would be for a fuller backpack and I'm not a fan of the feathers over your eye, but the latter is easily remedied. And no dredful leg warmers.

The Scarlet I - Guardian of the Rivers

Hands down IP's best costume for 2012. I love the red and silver. Love the wings. Love the options with the varying bikini tops. This is a very well done costume.

The general review for most if not all of the male costumes, is that they are a hot mess.

What I really liked about the costumes, was the way they were presented comic book style, along with some local parlance like "Mash' and "Cuff'.

After the costumes were shown and the models were all on stage, the crowd seemed stunned into silence. You could see the shock in their faces. Nebula 868 came out and performed but even that didn't shake the crowd out of their stupor.

I must say though, IP has taken all the feedback to heart, and has been asking their fans to 'Save their Heroes" by voting for those you wish to keep. I elected to save Scarlet I, Oya, Element, Siren and Kaimana.

Keep checking their Facebook Page to see who was 'saved':

For more pics, you can check out the photobucket album below.