Monday, July 30, 2007

So lewwe talk about colour...

So I taking in TRIBE band launch pics on Saucy's blog and ah noticing lacking in melanin. Bad. De darkest thing is that black section Sahara..oops, I mean Black Magic.
Allyuh telling me dey couldn't find a couple people of darker hue to model their costumes?
It have a shortage or something that I doh know bout?
I could direct them to some nice friends of mind who coulda model fuh dem, all they had to do was call meh.

And when ah mention it on Saucy message board, ah hearing dat people "choose to ignore it", some dotishness bout the lighting can't capture the darker skinned models (OH GOD DOH KILL MEH HERE TODAY!) and just excuses.
The best word to describe that is pathetic yes. No amount of excuses could excuse why dem models was so high colour.
The next hot mess is this Synergy TV Supermodel.

Same thing though not as prevalent, as they have some darker skinned models...but again...yuh mean tuh say when allyuh choose/cut people de darker people just didn't make the cut?
Okay fine.
But I could walk down Frederick Street NOW and show yuh some nice looking men and women who, if they had chosen to enter the competition, could be the next Synergy TV Supermodel. (HA! Dat supermodel title is a next setta foolishness).
Yuh could look at the models here.
And like the people who they pick went to school in August? Is how all ah them speaking badly so? Ah mean dialect is one thing...but them just sounding horrible. I hope they giving this season some speech therapy or something.
One last thing before ah go...Synergy stop tiefing ANTM styling with allyuh show nah.
Be original.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Resting on my laurels...

Doh ever say Afro Chic didn't teach yuh anything...

From Yahoo! Answers.

It means you are relying on previous accolades or successes.

Laurels were once given as an honour for achievement--think of Roman senators wearing crowns of laurels. One who "rests on his laurels" is content with present, or past achievements. Though laurels are positive, one who rests on them is considered lazy.

The job hunt is back on…

Not in full effect, but it is.

After experiencing bouts of extreme job-related malaise, I decided to take things into my own hands (again) and start back sending out those job applications.

To this end, I have sent out 3 applications for the month of July. Two were agencies, (that want you to pay a fee and send in your photo, references etc…been there, done that), and one was in the newspaper, and I sent out that one last Friday.

On the advice of a friend, I called them (the newspaper ad) this morning to find out if they got my application and they said no, to send it again. Lo and behold, when I was sending it again, another friend hailed me out on Google Talk and when I told them what I was doing and who I was sending it to, they said they knew someone at the company and would mention me to them. Trinidad too choonky again…

So I’m happy at the moment. :D

I’m not resting on my laurels though, (das a real funny saying eh? “resting on my laurels”…anyhoo…) and I’m still on the look out for a new job.

I’m currently pursuing my LCCI Marketing diploma, with exams in November (studying fuh dat go be a next toree in itself, since meen like nuttin name study) and the lecturer told us in class last week, that we shoulda started studying like yesterday!

So if I missing in action more so than usual, it probably means I’m studying. Or maybe not.