Monday, July 30, 2007

So lewwe talk about colour...

So I taking in TRIBE band launch pics on Saucy's blog and ah noticing lacking in melanin. Bad. De darkest thing is that black section Sahara..oops, I mean Black Magic.
Allyuh telling me dey couldn't find a couple people of darker hue to model their costumes?
It have a shortage or something that I doh know bout?
I could direct them to some nice friends of mind who coulda model fuh dem, all they had to do was call meh.

And when ah mention it on Saucy message board, ah hearing dat people "choose to ignore it", some dotishness bout the lighting can't capture the darker skinned models (OH GOD DOH KILL MEH HERE TODAY!) and just excuses.
The best word to describe that is pathetic yes. No amount of excuses could excuse why dem models was so high colour.
The next hot mess is this Synergy TV Supermodel.

Same thing though not as prevalent, as they have some darker skinned models...but again...yuh mean tuh say when allyuh choose/cut people de darker people just didn't make the cut?
Okay fine.
But I could walk down Frederick Street NOW and show yuh some nice looking men and women who, if they had chosen to enter the competition, could be the next Synergy TV Supermodel. (HA! Dat supermodel title is a next setta foolishness).
Yuh could look at the models here.
And like the people who they pick went to school in August? Is how all ah them speaking badly so? Ah mean dialect is one thing...but them just sounding horrible. I hope they giving this season some speech therapy or something.
One last thing before ah go...Synergy stop tiefing ANTM styling with allyuh show nah.
Be original.

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Hottie Hottie said...

Okay eh. Somebody want to tell me why the ASS Peter Elias is described as one of Trinidad's premier designers? That is blasted insulting. Since when printing yuh signature of wifebeaters fashion design? Look, doh start meh today. I mean, why everybody perpetuating this fallacy? Go to the man store and show meh ONE TING DEY HE DESIGN. One. I only want one. Doh lemme start to buss files here nah. Anyway. Moving on. But is whey Synergy get dem models from? I never see a greater bunch ah trying hard but failing mediocre looking people so. I could go on the promenade now and find somebody with more "magic" than them. Yuh think they call them supermodels because they average and ordinary and, well, hum drum? Moving on to Tribe. How much bands does use dark skin people to portray they costume? Or short people? Or fat people? The argumnet is that you use an "ideal" so that they will show the costume off best. And in Trinidad, as in many other places in the world, fair skin is also considered ideal. But I eh too sure about colour on dark shin comment. Is that supposed to mean that with the lighting dark skinned models may be looking lighter than they actually are (like Wendy in some ah she pics) or does it mean that dark skin doh show up the colours in teh costumes as much? Which is rat shit. Put a red girl in pink and a darkie and see who the costume standing out more on. I gone dey.

HQ said...

That's really interesting. I didn't pay as much attention to the skin color as I usually would. As a dark skinned black woman, I am used to these types of comments. But it is still extremely dissapointing when they are made.

Some of those costumes would have really popped more at the launch if they had used a dark skinned model.

Afro Chic said...

Okay Hottie BREATHE! You said a mouthful and a half. LOL.
Btw...Peter designed my grad outfit eh! lol...But as we talking bout ill equipped to judge...exactly what is Paul Richards qualifications? Being gay now qualifies you to judge beauty?

As for the whole dark skinned model just something that I notice...and is not only TRIBE.

And ah hear you on the 'ideal' to model the costume.

Mani said...

Afro Chic I have to agree with you gyul. Hotts, sorry, lol. Why is it that light-skinned is what is ideal? How did it get to be that way? I can't wrap my brain around that. I think - and this is just my unqualified opinion - that bands portray themselves they way they want to be seen and since light skin is equated with upper classity, that's what the models have to look like. I think that bands like tribe think that a costume being modeled by a dark-skinned model will be seen as less appealing than the same costume being modeled by a light-skinned individual.

Why not some light-skinned models and some dark-skinned models? Someone could use the argument that weight must be ideal for a costume to be displayed properly, but to say that skin tone must also be ideal is indefensible.

Also I noticed the synergy model thing a long time ago, but I didn't feel like saying anything.

Afro Chic, did I miss the memo, is Paul Richards gay?

Afro Chic said...

Mani who said Paul was gay? I was just wondering if being gay makes you qualified to be a judge tht's all.


Anyhoo, let me behave yes...Paul is a friend of the family.

applesauce said...

afro chic are you playin wit ronnie and caro? here 2 sections almost sold out...u here anything?

Afro Chic said...

Applesauce I am MOST LIKELY playing with Ronnie and Caro. It's about 90% right now. I still want to see what D'Krewe has to offer though.

I haven't heard anything about sections being sold out though. I plan to check the mascamp sometime this week.

Mani said...

ah ok....gotcha, lol.