Monday, November 23, 2009

On Facebook Boutiques

We all know them.
Some of us are even Fans of their Pages.
The Facebook boutiques.

The seemingly to be oh so convenient way to shop from your computer and have that oh so cute top/dress/shoe/boots/belt/random accessory you saw online delivered to you directly!

But guess what? You could do all of that and pay less. Much less. All you need is a creditcard and a skybox.

And doh say "oh gosh, skybox is so much ah money." TTpost Skybox ss $100.
That's right TT$100.00 for the year, work the maths.

And doh say, "oh gosh, dem skybox does take so long."
It taking the same 16 days dem Facebook Ripoff...err Boutiques taking.

And if yuh doh believe meh, let meh show yuh.

Gorgeous black dress seen on a Facebook boutique. Price: TT$270.00

Same dress (doh let the colour tie yuh up) on Forever 21. Price: $USD14.50/TT$92.65
Approximate cost to ship to skybox USD$5.50/ TT$35.15
That comes up to TT$127.80.

Now tell me again why you wanna shop at these boutiques?

Now nobody saying that people cannot make a living and sell they thing on the side, but is the dig out yuh eye thing I not understanding.

So let me know. Do you shop at these Facebook Boutiques and what did you buy? Do you own a Facebook boutique, and can you break down you inflated price?