Monday, March 17, 2014

A.M. Bush Invasion - The Aftermath

Date: Carnival Saturday 2014
Location: Chaguaramas

Cost: $550

The end.

It is hard for me to do a review for this party, as I feel I will not be able to adequately capture the level of epicness that is A.M. Bush. But here goes…

Armed with our wigs and alien antenna and custom Pan-Tees we got to A.M Bush just after 4am, a little later than we usual. There was some ‘traffic’ backed up on the road just before you got to the parking area at Samaan Park. We layered our seats with garbage bags before heading out to meet the shuttles that would take us to the site of the alien invasion. Unfortunately for whatever reason, we never got a shuttle and ended up walking in. This in no way soured the vibes as we entertained ourselves with talks of snakes, lagahoo and douens that were possibly hiding in the forest. The walk in wasn't as far as I thought it was and in no time it seemed we were in the middle of the invasion.

The party this year was the biggest one yet and this in no way lessened the vibes.

1. Paint
An important staple of any J’ouvert, we had bottles filled with paint in red, yellow and blue this year. After the paint ran out, the abeer came out. We had purple, turquoise, yellow and some other colours I don’t quite remember now. As usual my crew and I took pleasure in painting everyone who thought they could come to a J’ouvert party and stay clean…yes that was us. Just a word to my fellow A.M. Bushees…doh fling paint and abeer in people face nah…I almost went blind when I got some abeer in my eye.

2. Drinks & eats
I think there were three…*counting* drinks trucks this year?? Drinks flowed. My drink of choice didn't run out.

While we didn't get any breakfast (It was finished by the time we got there), I did have one of the best corn soups of my life when we got back to Samaan Park. I also had a doubles that was very tasty and I’m not a doubles lover (yes, blasphemy I know).

3. Music
I think there were also three music trucks…but however many there were played great soca. New, old and everything in between.

4. Live Entertainment
On the way back to Samaan Park, we were entertained by Lil Rick, then later on as the sun came up by Mr. Soul Train himself Bunji Garlin. Lil Rick was really good as we chipped out, and needless to say Bunji was fantastic singing hit after hit, both old and new.

5. Water
The water truck came out while Bunji was performing and that was all she wrote. At least that’s what we thought, until we got back to Samaan Park to find a water play park waiting for us. My friends and I were able to try the slides before the whole of A.M. Bush came out and swarmed the area.

6. Vibes
It is very difficult to explain exactly how much vibes this party has. The level of abandon is beyond even what is experienced on the road Monday and Tuesday. My Carnival tabanca is actually made worse when I watch back at pics from A.M. Bush, than pics from Monday and Tuesday.

Overall, A.M. Bush Invasion gets a too real 10 out of 10.


Arial photo:

Friday, March 14, 2014

My Fantasy Carnival Review

So this year I switched things up a bit, and decided to play mas with my friends who had played with Fantasy last year. 

Easy, breezy, no stress just how I like it.

My girlfriend collected my costumes for me and a few other people. She mentioned there was a lot of traffic on the road, but that is generally the case Carnival week. In her words “Long, but it moved. It was Carnival Friday”

On the Road – Monday
You know what they say about the best laid plans right? Well after my big plans to have customized Monday wear fell through on Sunday night an emergency plan had to be put in place ASAP! Thank goodness for the resourcefulness of my friends. I was able to put together a fierce look for Monday at the 99th hour! 
Fast forward to going to meet the band now.

We ran a little late to meet the band and they did not stick! We barely made it to the Savannah stage just as the band was crossing with just a few masqueraders. Even though there weren’t many of us, those who were there enjoyed it. Fantasy christened the stage on Monday morning and it was fantastic, we took our time to cross, no rush, no hassle. After we crossed the stage it seemed that all the masqueraders found the band simultaneously because the length and breadth of Victoria Avenue was filled with masqueraders. It was lovely to see how many persons rocked their Monday Wear looks, some even wearing backline costumes.

I can’t tell you much after we crossed the stage to be honest. I know there was music, drinks, level winery and even some jamishness. And this was all before the lunch stop. I’m not going to get into detail of what options there were for lunch, because I just gave my friend my chit and asked her to bring me some food. What she brought me was delicious.

We ate, burped, took pics with our friends who we saw in TRIBE and YUMA, and took a nap. Woke up, ate some ice cream, puncheon lollies, fixed our faces, used the facilities and clearly missed the call for us to move. This found a group of Fantasy masqueraders walking down Maraval Road looking for the trucks, and apparently there was some sort of homing bacon in our wristbands as we all made a right on Herbert Street (I think it was) and saw the trucks. A collective “YAYY!” went up through the masqueraders.

Monday afternoon continued along the same vibe as Monday morning… there was music, drinks, level winery and even some jamishness with a side of epicness which hinted at a great Tuesday to come.

I have no Monday pics as my camera that I thought was charged...wasn't.

On the Road – Tuesday
Got to the band at sometime o’clock just while they were still alongside Memorial Park waiting to head into the Savannah. We were right behind Wee Friends when Legacy cut us off by coming up Frederick Street (while the Marshals did nothing).

Anyhoo…I forgot to preface my Tuesday with a note about my costume. I got a gorgeously decorated corset from Richard and Anthony which was unfortunately a tad (plenty) small and had me feeling a bit self-conscious and uncomfortable.

We kept mainly to the front of the band as we approached the track and stage. I think there was an announcement that the Minister of Road, Machel was on truck #1, not sure if there was an announcement or I just saw him on the truck…anyhoo. Machel was on Truck #1 and hyped up the first set of sections in the band as they crossed. The vibes on the stage were great. I lost my friends and didn’t care.

After we crossed I went to find the trucks for a much needed drink, found my friends and we ate and continued with the band. Once we realized the band was headed back to the lunch stop, we opted to move ahead and secure a spot. Again, lunch was delicious; I had fish from Rib House. We ate, burped, and I attempted to fix the top of my corset which was threatening me with a possible wardrobe malfunction.

As I was unable to fix my top to my satisfaction, I decided to head to my hotel (home by mummy) to see if I could fix the top then return to meet the band. Bidding my friends goodbye I headed home. Once I got there however, the top just was not giving me the kind of support I wanted and I gave up the fight, took off my costume and declared my Carnival Tuesday over. I sent a text to my friends to let them know not to expect me on the road.

After about an hour long nap, I woke up to he sounds of my friends at the door. Fantasy was passing on the road, and they told me find something to put on and get my ass back out on the road. I hemmed and hawed, but eventually pulled out some Monday wear I had there (not the same one from the Monday before) and, refreshed and re-clothed, went back out to join the band as they passed through St. James.

We followed the band as they made their way through St. James and back out to Tragarete Road and the vibes in the band were never ending and the epicness hinted at on Monday was out in full force. I remember drinks flowing non-stop, wine sharing left, right and centre, someone climbing a wall with their friends, and endless fun. We left the band when they were by St. Clair Medical and made our way to the hotel (home by mummy), tired and happy.

Things I learnt this Carnival:
1. Always go with my instinct when it comes to my costume
2. While sequin bags are pretty in the sunlight, they wreck havoc on your tights
3. Fishnets over tights FTW!
4. Stacked heel boots FTW! My feet never felt better!
5. Things don’t always go the way you planned, so always have a plan B
6. My friends are truly awesome!

Monday, February 03, 2014

Soca in Moka 15 - The 10point (or less) review

Who: Soca in Moka
What: All-Inclusive
Where: Trinity College, Moka. Maraval
When: Sunday 8th January 2012
Cost: $700 (last year $650, scalper price $1400)

Another year, another Soca in Moka fete.
I think I could review this fete without going to it yes, which could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how yuh look at it. With tickets in hand we left home and made our annual pilgrimage to Moka. The traffic situation this year was a lot better this year, I remember the traffic being ridiculous last year.

1. Bands
Soca in Moka switched up their line up this year, with the exclusion of Kes the Band and the inclusion of The Asylum Vikings. They kept Roy Cape and Dil-e-Nadan, who was on stage when we got there. 

Dil-e-Nadan, surprisingly, were very good. Their sound was much improved than the last time I regretted hearing them. 5 Star Akil performed with them and I must say I was a bit underwhelmed by his overall performance for this fabulous song.

Roy Cape was good, their guest artistes line up didn’t leave much time for me to enjoy Blaxx and the new addition Ricardo Dru.  Lyrikal and Saucy were good. Kerwin Du Bois was the best performer for the night while Mr. Killa was the ultimate entertainer of the night!

The Asylum Vikings were very good as well. I enjoyed seeing them as its been a long while since I’ve seen the band perform. I love Bunji and FayeAnn’s rapport on stage. Faye Ann ah love yuh Rebel jersey!

2. Mr. Killa
Take win Mr. Killa! Although his performance was very brief and he brought no Rolly Polly’s up on stage, he had the crowd entranced from start to finish!

3. Kerwin Du Bois
Kerwin had about a bousand tunes this year and he was told due to time constraints he could only sing 2, he sang 5, most of them acapella and had the crowd begging for more. Kerwin I feel you need your own band now yes.

4. Food
The usual fare with the usual lines. It was pretty congested in the food areas this year. I only had the opportunity to sample the corn soup and seafood appetizers. There was a new item…the rum soaked fruit which seemed to be a hit.

5. Bar
This year I’m switching things up with my drinks and trying something new. No more Coke on the rocks, I’m doing OJ on the rocks or straight coconut water! The bar area, similar to the food area was a bit congested again, esp the bar closet to the backstage area, but once you going to the same bartender they get to know your drink preference and fix you up nice and fast.

6. The Crowd
It’s like Farmer Nappy song says “That’s ma famalayyyy!"
There are people you see in Moka year after year and this year was no different, is like a big reunion of people you see only at Carnival time...LOL. 

So that's the 10 points or less. Overall, Moka gets 8 wines out of 10. 

Friday, January 03, 2014

Top Ten Moments of 2013

In no particular order (but I did save the best for last!)

10. I finally passed  my Math course at COSTAATT!
9. I will be graduating by September 2014! 
8. My Carnival  was fantastic - from Pan to AM Bush to K2K to Las Lap
7. I turned 35
6. I celebrated 15 years of being married (yes, I know yuh working de maths)
5. I officially became the mother of two teenage boys
4. Worked on a great project called Milk-a-thon which benefitted children's homes.
3. We had a fantastic Old Years lime this year (complete with a theme and photo booth)
2. My son completed his last round of chemo in early January...
1. And he was given a clean bill of health in July!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!