Monday, February 03, 2014

Soca in Moka 15 - The 10point (or less) review

Who: Soca in Moka
What: All-Inclusive
Where: Trinity College, Moka. Maraval
When: Sunday 8th January 2012
Cost: $700 (last year $650, scalper price $1400)

Another year, another Soca in Moka fete.
I think I could review this fete without going to it yes, which could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how yuh look at it. With tickets in hand we left home and made our annual pilgrimage to Moka. The traffic situation this year was a lot better this year, I remember the traffic being ridiculous last year.

1. Bands
Soca in Moka switched up their line up this year, with the exclusion of Kes the Band and the inclusion of The Asylum Vikings. They kept Roy Cape and Dil-e-Nadan, who was on stage when we got there. 

Dil-e-Nadan, surprisingly, were very good. Their sound was much improved than the last time I regretted hearing them. 5 Star Akil performed with them and I must say I was a bit underwhelmed by his overall performance for this fabulous song.

Roy Cape was good, their guest artistes line up didn’t leave much time for me to enjoy Blaxx and the new addition Ricardo Dru.  Lyrikal and Saucy were good. Kerwin Du Bois was the best performer for the night while Mr. Killa was the ultimate entertainer of the night!

The Asylum Vikings were very good as well. I enjoyed seeing them as its been a long while since I’ve seen the band perform. I love Bunji and FayeAnn’s rapport on stage. Faye Ann ah love yuh Rebel jersey!

2. Mr. Killa
Take win Mr. Killa! Although his performance was very brief and he brought no Rolly Polly’s up on stage, he had the crowd entranced from start to finish!

3. Kerwin Du Bois
Kerwin had about a bousand tunes this year and he was told due to time constraints he could only sing 2, he sang 5, most of them acapella and had the crowd begging for more. Kerwin I feel you need your own band now yes.

4. Food
The usual fare with the usual lines. It was pretty congested in the food areas this year. I only had the opportunity to sample the corn soup and seafood appetizers. There was a new item…the rum soaked fruit which seemed to be a hit.

5. Bar
This year I’m switching things up with my drinks and trying something new. No more Coke on the rocks, I’m doing OJ on the rocks or straight coconut water! The bar area, similar to the food area was a bit congested again, esp the bar closet to the backstage area, but once you going to the same bartender they get to know your drink preference and fix you up nice and fast.

6. The Crowd
It’s like Farmer Nappy song says “That’s ma famalayyyy!"
There are people you see in Moka year after year and this year was no different, is like a big reunion of people you see only at Carnival time...LOL. 

So that's the 10 points or less. Overall, Moka gets 8 wines out of 10. 

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