Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stamps of Paradise...

Last Sunday evening found me at Suffolk Road, Belmont for Classix Productions band launch for 2008.

Unlike previous years, the launch was held at the mas camp and I received a call from the band leader herself, Vanessa Forde to attend.

This year the band has a total of six sections, and is portraying "Stamps of Paradise: a Caribbean Collection" which shows various items that can be found in the Caribbean, from Birds of Paradise to the Rain Forest.

While there were no costumes modelled by young masqueraders, there were costume pictures on display. Costumes are designed by Randal Halfhide and prices range from $595 to $950.

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As Vanessa explained while most of the drawings were female, yet indicate that it was a unisex section, the boys will be playing in a sailor type pants as seen in the prototype below for Rain Forest.

The costumes will be outfitted with lightweight backpacks for the children to carry. I particularly like the section Faces of The Future and the Underworld.

Registration was taking place on Sunday with quite a few persons, (myself included) signing up their kids.
The kids were treated to the customary soft drinks and party bags which they enjoyed.

Contact info for Classix Productions
Band Leader: Vanessa Forde
Mas camp: Suffolk Road, Belmont
Directions: Turn left at Jerningham Avenue traffic lights. Drive until you reach the next set of traffic lights and turn right. Suffolk Road is the first road on the right.

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