Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Weekend Update with Afro Chic...

So on Friday afternoon at about two o'clock, I officially became a homeowner. :D
After too damn long, the hubby and I finally signed on the dotted line (well not so much dotted...more of a space) at the lawyers office. We have some work to do on the house that is scheduled to start early next year. YAY ME!!

Friday evening saw me starting to decorate the office across the hallway from mine. After seeing the job I did in my office, I was hired to do theirs as well.
Got home tired no ass sometime after 8...or was it 9?


Yes, Saturday was my wedding anniversary (nine years, would you believe?), but I had to go back to the office early in the a.m. and finish the decorating.

Finished up the office area and needless to say it's looking FAB!

So got back home and relaxed with the hubby and family.

For our anniversary dinner we went to Paprika.
Paprika was absolutely FANTASTIC.

The ambiance...eclectic and tres interesting
The music...the hubby's fave...80s
The food...OMG! I recommend the 4 cheese pasta.
The service...am I in Trinidad?!?!?
Hands down one of my best restaurant experiences ever.
4 out of 5 stars.

(But shhh!!! doh let everybody know how good it was cause yuh know how dem Trini does rush nice ting.)
Sunday was a quiet day at home for some well needed rest.
Yuh think it easy decorating or what?


Dre said...

congrats by 6

D Trini in Me said...

congrats on your new home :)

Geisha said...
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Geisha said...

Welcome to the homeownership club!!!

Buy lots of Advil.