Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Big Chop 2006

Well I finally did it.
Last Thursday I went and just got it over with.

I cut my hair.
Not trimmed. Not snip. Not even cut so much…I just chopped it all off.

After I left my hair my hair was off I felt so free, no more hair to comb out every morning, no more headaches, no more hair! YAYY!

Then later on in the night as I watched my now itsy bitsy teeny weeny fro, I started missing my hugerific afro and all the fabulous way we used to look together. *sniff*

I missed the mess that was my weekend hair.
I missed the all fro’ed out afro just flopping all over.
I missed pushing my hair back with a band and patting it down to go to work in the morning.
I miss putting it in one.
I even missed the turned heads and the stupid stares!
We never even got to do the Mohawk hairstyle, never got to do the funky side canerow and now it’s all gone and I’m starting over from scratch.

Needless to say though, my short hair looks FAB! But that’s understood. LOL.
It takes me less time to get ready on a morning…to get ready period.
I don’t even have to comb it if I don’t want to. (Haven’t combed it since I cut it last Thursday).

And of course, as expected, everyone has a view on my new hair.
So far everyone wants to know why I cut it and it was growing so full and nice.
They love the new do, but miss the old…as do I.
Even my baby nephew looks at me perplexed because he loved to play in the wooliness of my hair.

No worries though, I know by the end of the year I’ll have graduated from itsby bitsy teeny weeny fro to teeny weeny fro. :D

And for those who keep asking me what next? Your guess is a good as mine.


Mani said...

LOL, I know how it is. I had my fro for about a year before I just couldn't take it anymore. My friends would always complain that it took so long for me to get rready and I kept trying to explain that it's the fro. Plus it would be a magnet for lint and I just couldn't stand having to pick it all out before I left the house. I don't think I'll grow one in a hurry.

Hottie Hottie said...

LOL! Mani, you had a fro!? The more I read about you the more I want to meet you yes! You used to pat it down with a copy book?

BTW, yuh fro looking FIERCE in that photo girl!

a chic fro said...

Well i now coming to ask how manicou does have afro. Lol.

Das not my fro doh hottie.
But mine is/was almost exactly like that. Same colour, length everything. *sniff*

Hottie Hottie said...

Doh fraid. Is hair, it does grow. Mani, is true ah say ah wil have to singe yuh plenty but oh GORM!!!!

Mani said...

lol, yes I had a from. But I wasn't prepared for the cost of the style...so the fro had to go. Allyuh doh get chain up....manicou does have fro.

a chic fro said...

With mine I wasn't prepared to comb it through every damn day to go to work!
I still have to post before and after pics yes.

Hottie Hottie said...

Well I doh comb my hair at all unless ah wash it, which is usually once a week. I not able! So Mani, yuh used to hold de afrocomb in yuh hoof ah wha?

Hottie Hottie said...

Wait. But Manicou doh have hoof! But I in a mess! In yuh paw ah meant to say.