Monday, October 30, 2006

Synergy Supermodel

Yes it’s over, but for a while I was one of those people who would tune in every Wednesday (or whenever the re-runs were shown) to see our version of “America’s Next Top Model”.
A better name for the show actually, might have been “Trinidad’s Next Top Model” rather than Synergy Supermodel, as by definition, a supermodel is :
a highly-paid top fashion model who is known world-wide for consistent and
concurrent modeling work in haute couture and commercial modeling, usually for
top fashion designers and labels, such as Chanel, Prada, and Gucci. The term is
customarily applied to female models by the media, but in the 1990s the term
began to be applied to some male models. Supermodels may be referred to as sex
symbols and are able to parlay their celebrity into product endorsement deals
and acting careers at times.

From the preliminary selection (where clearly they told the potential model to wear white and some just choose to ignore that. I woulda penalize them on dat alone…”can’t follow simple instructions – NEXT!”…But anyhoo, I digress.) to the picking of the first batch, to the voting off of those eh couldn’t cut it to the final show at Zen (no I didn’t go the actual show at Zen) and everything in between…I watched it all. (well most anyways).

It was amusing to see us try and copy the ‘drama’ and umm…‘excitement’?...of those foreign reality tv shows. I think a real Trini show could have enough drama without trying to copy what’s out there already…But that’s another post entirely.

After following the show and the models from Tobago to…well Tobago, I kinda became attached/accustomed to some of the guys and the ladies and my favorites were:
Russel (I liked his smile and his sense of humour) and (oh my god I can’t believe I don’t remember her name…wait…) Danielle. While I had a little problem with Danielle’s makeup at first, I totally dug the fro. (yes yesI’m biased I know, but Sassy had a fro and I wasn't feeling her.)

And yes Kai was a tall glass of mauby on a hot day, but he was just a little too cock sure for me, similarly to the dude with the ras, Samuel I think it is.
And the girl who won (whose name I really don’t remember and couldn’t really be bothered to find out) is just, to me, another pretty face in Trinidad. Nothing special or outstanding about her and her voice is like chalk on a blackboard.

I'll upload the pics of my two favorites (and some random others) later. Cause right now blogger giving trouble.


Hottie Hottie said...
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Hottie Hottie said...

Sorry about that. Girl, I eh know WHAT you talking about here. Like yuh blog plenty though. It a lil unstable, just the way I like it.

a chic fro said...

Lol. Thanks...I think.

Hottie Hottie said...

Is a compliment, doh frighten.