Monday, October 02, 2006

The Job Hunt

Sometime late last year I decided that it was time for me to change my job. So I made a broad statement to the world (and the people in the office)...something to the effect of, “By end of first quarter 2006, I will not be working here anymore!!! FIRE BUN!!!"

Unfortunately, I just said that off the top of my head thinking that I was so fantastic that I wouldn't need to do anything much except say that I was leaving my job for it to happen. Well real life doesn't work quite like that in real life.

So January came and I found myself having to do my first real interview in close to 10 years. This was as a direct result of some mass mailing I did to ad agencies in and around POS (as most of them are). Had a hit and miss with one (they hit, I missed out), had a response from only one other.

The interview was at an ad agency (totally different to what I do now mind you) and I was extremely nervous. Took a day off and all! Take meh time to dress and ting buy a borse navy suit with a borse-er orange shirt. I eh go lie...ah look real good...but ah was nervous.

Went to the interview…got through the interview…felt pretty good after the interview and then nothing.
No phone call saying “well dog cyat horse yuh eh get de job thanks for applying but we really wasn’t feeling yuh anyways.”
Needless to say I felt shitty for not getting the job and then angry at the fact that they couldn’t even bother to acknowledge the fact that I dollsed up for them and came in for an interview. STEUPS.

Well after that first interview I was Queen Interviewee eh.

I coulda answer anything yuh throw at meh.

Interviews after that were with:
a recruiting agency (the guy was cute. Young, but cute)

Movietowne (Never called me back but I woulda real like mehself in dat one)

a communication firm (through the recruitment agency, but this interview was cancelled at the last minute)

interview with the parent company of my present company (they had me waiting too long to do the interview and pus I wasn’t getting a good vibe from de place, so I told them I couldn’t stay and I left)

another communications firm (they were nice enough to call me and tell me I was over qualified, which is just a way of them telling you that they can’t afford to pay you)

and most recently with Ferreira Optical (this was through the recruitment agency and I made it as far as the second interview and got a secondary job offer during the interview in case I didn’t get through with the job I was interviewing for).

Strange enough though I’ve applied for 9 jobs since June of this year, and of the interviews I’ve been on only 2 of those were through the jobs that I actually applied for.
And of those 9 applications, only 3 acknowledge the fact that I even exisited.

So I’m still here working hardly. *sigh*

But I have a plan now that I’m slowly but surely executing.


randy said...

it frustrating I know, but keep at it. I probably interviewed for at least a year before I got my present job, and that was through a link that I never expected. Just a call outa de blue. Network, tell everybody yuh lookin for a wuk. I think yuh should aim higher than Ferriera and Movietowne. Give friends yuh resume. Good Luck.

a chic fro said...

Thanks for the advice Randy.