Wednesday, October 31, 2007

T&T Moving with COP...very noisily too...

After a long day at work, the last thing I want to hear while trying to unwind and relax is loud music.
Worst yet if it being blasted from a truck.
Worst yet still if is anything to do with this 2007 election campain. (and no, I eh spell it wrong)
And yet this is what happened this evening when I got home.

The COP representative for my area of Laventille East/Morvant, Ms. LaToya Callender, paid the area a very noisy visit this afternoon.

I was alerted to this by a music truck blasting, no, not "T&T Moving with COP" campain song, but instead playing reggae, dub and of course some soca for good measure.

After being subjected to the very loud music for about 1/2 hour (I wonder what the EMA have to say about that?) I finally walked outside to see what the noise and commotion was about and to talk to the candidate.

The first thing my husband and I asked her was about the loud music, and more specifically, the genre of music which in our opinion just confirms the stereotype of the area.

Miss Callender, replied by saying that the music was just to alert people of the area and to get them out of the house (that was successful) and that she would talk to them about the type of music (Hot Wuk, Frogback and the like) that was being played.

She said she had no objection to the song that was being played while we were speaking to her at the time, which was Faye-Ann Lyons' "Move", because of her "disgust of the PNM".

Well from the time she gone there, she lorse me...cause I find for this whole campain, very few, if any of these it COP, UNC-A or PNM dealing with the real issues at hand. Is one setta ole talk and picong and up to now I cyar hear what allyuh going to do about key issues like crime and high food prices. I guess I'll have to read about that in the COP manifesto I got this evening.

Anyhoo, we spoke to Miss Callender for a bit, but in ususal last minute election campaign style, we had to cut our questions about the plan for our area short.
It should be noted that after our discussion the music truck lowered its music until I could no longer hear it like it was playing in my house.
I must say though that Miss Callender is quite articulate and at only 21 years old has a long way to go in the politricks game. And kudos to her as well cause hers has been the only face I've seen so far. You can read more about La Toya Callender here.


Mani said...

And she's a looker..

Afro Chic gyul, I fed up with the noise myself. I wonder if they think that that is going to change anyone's mind, or do they think that it is somehow a show of strength?

Afro Chic said...

I eh know what is a show of nah Mani. And I just waiting for this weekend to pass FAST!