Saturday, April 10, 2010

I got pulled over by the police

After a long ass day at the office last evening, I pack up, jump in the car and head out of the parking lot. It's just a couple of minutes to 7 and now starting to get a lil dark.

Driving down Dundonald Street, a police car comes out of Oxford Street and stops while I pass by. A couple seconds later, approaching the red light at the end of the street, I hear the sound of the police siren and think "Steups, damn police does never want to wait eh. What is the damn emergency?" and I pull to the side to let the police pass.

Aye aye, is because the police car comes in front of me and two police officers, one male and female, come out from the vehicle and approach my car. I pull up my handbrakes and switch off.

The male officer asks me, "Why aren't your lights working?"
I reply, "They aren't? Oh, I just didn't put them on" *moves to put on light*
Officer, "Can you put on your park lights please?"
Me, "Sure"
Officer, "Miss your park lights are not working so you will need to have that checked out"
Me, "Oh okay, thanks, I'll do that"
Office, "I hope we didn't scare you eh, but we just have to be sure in these types of situations"
Me, "Of course you scared me!!" LOL.
Officer, "Sorry about that. Have a good evening"
Me, "Thank you, same to you."

It was a heart stopping moment. Needless to say I almost peed myself. This was the first time I was actually pulled over in such a manner that wasn't a roadblock or something of that nature.

Still haven't fixedthose lights though, maybe tomorrow. LOL.


Wuzdescene said...

LOL .... I does get brace in every road block I end up in .... I think I have a bandit face :-)

Anonymous said...

Fix d ligths eh!

Bizzie Chic said...

A week later....
Have you fixed your lights?? LoL

I remember the 1st time I got pulled over (for speeding) Girlllll, I was embarassed but very thankful!! The officer knew me and as he walks out of his car he is saying my name repeatedly....hahaha

WizzyTheStick said...

You lucky they were polite. Imagine that, they even apologized for scaring you.

@Scene I have found that a baby on board sign helps. Nothing more harmless looking than that and two baby car seats. Dey goes wave me thro all de time once de see dat even if de children not in them at the time.

afro chic said...

Lights eh fix yet! And today I see a list of charges for Traffic $1000 for park lights! :o

shells said...

soooooo...yuh fix d lights yet?!

afro chic said...

Nope. This weekend fuh sure!

Randy said...

It takes FIVE MINUTES to fix those lights. And if is a fuse, even quicker, might run yuh a whole $5.00. for the bulbs, less for a fuse :?

afro chic said...

I think is a fuse too, well so daddy say anyways :)

Weekend is tomorrow, it will be done!