Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cricket World Cup: Volunteer Update

Sitting at home the Thursday after Carnival minding my own business when the phone rings.
It's the CWC people and they're calling to tell me I got selected for the VIP/Protocol area.

Me: YAYY!!!

Them: We have training tomorrow at the Oval and Saturday at UWI SPEC.

Me: Huh? : (good thing I'm on vacation)

Them: Okay, so see you there!

Me: Okay! (excited I got picked for VIP/Protocol after already having made up my mind that I probably hadn't)

Training was great. We had the privilege of being tutored by Sandra Basheer.
And I finally realised that when I grow up I want to be Sandra. LOL.
But seriously, this amazing woman just cemented in my mind that this is my field and I m on the right track.

And the more involved I get the more excited I get too.

Will try to keep giving regular updates, but this coming month I know will be chaos.

Other than last Friday and Saturday for VIP training, today I had First Aid training.
This Tuesday afternoon is a tour of the airport. (can't forget that I have to go to class afterwards).
Friday is Match Day Simulation from 1:00pm at UWI SPEC.
Sunday is Kitting Out Day from 7:00am at the Oval.
Monday is Match Day Simulation. All day at UWI SPEC.

You get the idea.

If I can't update daily, I will DEFINITELY have a HUGE update at the end of it all, which is at the end of March.


Karel Mc Intosh said...

Will love to hear about your experience, especially under the tutelage of Ms Basheer who has been a protocol stalwart for years. Keep us posted!

Afro Chic said...

Will do.