Thursday, March 01, 2007

My FAB Carnival Boots!!

So after taking chain up from Saucy's blog, I decided to go with traditional mas boots and not sneakers this year.

Once I registered in Chutney I found my way to Picadilly Street and purchased a pair of gold boots from Jomo.

Found my way to Samaroo's and purchased gold glitter and spray adhesive.
Didn't buy any gold or orange braid because I always have ends of braid home.

After I collected my costume on Carnival Thursday I determined that I would use parts of the costume to decorate my boots, namely the leg, arm and wrist bands, which I never use anyways cause they always need to tie over cause dey always falling off/down or some nonesense and they just generally annoy the shit out of me.

So I sat down just before Dimanche Gras on Sunday night (hmm...that's repetitive isn't it?) by Mummy and started decorating my boots.

These are the pictures of my boots before, during the process and after.
I am SO proud of my boots eh...

Plain gold boots from Jomo

Add gold glitter

Add wrist piece to heel

Add leg piece to top of boot

Add gold braid down front centre of boot

Trim and add arm piece to side of boot and...
VoilĂ ...FAB! BOOTS!!

So check meh next year...ah go be decorating boots...LOL.


gtwarrior said...

I love it. You did a great job with your boots!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job! Ya have some talent, girl!

Afro Chic said...

Thank you gtwarrior.
I am very proud of them! :D

I could never go back to wearing sneakers with my costume.

Afro Chic said...

Thank you anonymous.

saucydiva said...

Yes the boots really looked good! Tomorrow I will post your instructions on my blog along with a link to your boots post; I already have it waiting to publish just I already write so much today lol I saving it for tomorrow.

And yeah, under all seriousness you can decorate boots for 2008!! Trust me, you can make 100% profit on the boots based on what they cost and the materials used.

Afro Chic said...

Yuh have meh wondering now if I left anything out in the instructions.

I done plan tuh SERIOUSLY market my boot decorating skills for next year!

-:¦:-•:*''''*:•.-:¦:-•* cb *•-:¦:-•:*''''*:•-:¦:- said...

WOW!!!! I'm not a boots person, but I love your end-result. You must have looked absolutely fab on the road.

Good talk with your boots skillz having potential for financial gain. Do you have the time to invest in it?

HQ said...

O mi goodness, I am so down for this. The boots look great! I am definitely doing this next year. Thank you!

Afro Chic said...

Thank you thank you!
Ah feeling like a shilling!

cb: I did look FAB on the road if I do say so myself. LOL. I find the boots just put the finishing touch on the costume.
And yeah, I do have the time to invest in it. Not a lot of time, but it's possible.

hq: If you need some gudiance next year you can always give me a shout.

Anonymous said...

Hey any updates on Queens Park Oval?

Afro Chic said...

Anonymous I'll try to do a post this week about what happenend this weekend at the Oval and at UWI SPEC.

Anonymous said...

I'll be in the Elizibeth stand and was wondering if it has a good view of the pitch.

Also if its close to the player pavilion!

Afro Chic said...

Well...Every where has a good view of the pitch...unless you're unfortunate enough to have a seat behind a pillar.

The best seat is in the Presidential Suite though, which is air conditioned and offers a GREAT view right behind the wicket I understand.

But if you check this post you'll see the pics of the field from the stand...and's right next to the Player's Pavillion.

caisoqueen said...

absolutely FABULOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Sexy...........too bad, da boots come from rags to riches

futurebird said...

I love those boots!