Monday, March 12, 2007

Traffic Restrictions for CWC 2007

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information!

I'll be in Five Rivers which I believe is close to the airport!

If the game time is 9.30, is leaving this park for the Oval at 7.00am a good time?

I would rely on public transportation..rather than driving. Haven't found good maps of Port of Spain and sorroundings on the internet!

Afro Chic said...

Your best bet is to meet the shuttles taking you directy to the venue.

The closest Park & Ride to Five Rivers is the Larry Gomes Stadium.
The shuttles leave at 5:00am or something like that. I will confirm that time for you.

But leaving the east(Five Rivers)at 7:00am and heading into town during the week, means LOTS and LOTS of traffic.

And you probably would not make it in time for the 9:30 start of the games.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch!...

I'll likely head to the park and ride by 6.30am to get to the Oval by atleast 8.30am!

20 kms takes 2 hours! whoa...

Will you be at the Elizebeth Road stand?

Also is Ariapita Avenue a decent hang out place for food and local fun?

Afro Chic said...

No I won't be n the Elizabeth Street Stand.

I may not even be close to the Oval. Haven't been rostered yet to know exactly where I would be.

For food and fun after the game, Ariapita Avenue is a good bet.

There are plenty of bars and restaurants on the stretch.