Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cricket World Cup Update: Questions and Answers

So based on the questions Anonymous asked me previously, as well as the ones that I've been getting from persons in my family, at the office and anyone else who knows that I'm a volunteer: this post is dedicated to answering those questions as best as I can.

Anonymous asked:
Any safety tips suggested?
I would tell anyone whether local or abroad, just BE AWARE of your surroundings.
Half the time when I read these emails that are forwarded about "real life crime experiences in Trinidad" I just steups, cause people tend to do stupid/careless things (like not lock their car doors, leaving things on the seat of your car etc.) and are suprised when horrible things happen to them.

Areas to avoid?
Again, if you going anywhere, BE AWARE.
Don't go exploring and wuss yet by yuhself in a country that yuh not familiar with.
I think das just common sense.

Transport to and from the Oval from the airport?
Now Anonymous...Why exactly would you be travelling directly from the airport to the Oval?
Where are you staying? Shouldn't you go there and check in first?
But to answer your question: There are taxis available at the airport and they will take you almost anywhere, at a cost of course.

That's it for the questions from Anonymous.
Now for the friends, family and coworkers.

Why dey must tell yuh what to wear?
Nobody not telling yuh what tuh wear.
Sponsors have paid their millions of dollars to get their name plastered all over the place and they don't want you coming in with your opposing sponsor t-shirt and jumbieing dey sponsorship.
Surely you doh only have Digicel and RBTT clothing in your closet?

Why we can't bring in bottled water?
Dey say allyuh could use it as missiles.
That's the best I could come up with.

So how ah could bring in meh water then?
I would suggest a modern day version of suck-a-bags and use some Ziploc bags.
Freeze yuh water, put it in yuh collapsible 12x12x12 cooler and yuh good tuh go.

Why de prices inside dey so high?
International prices.
Bring as much as you can in your cooler to help defer any costs you may occur.

Why dey must block off de streets?
Security is the main reason.
Terrorism...9/11...blah blah blah...You can thank Osama or whoever for that one.
But they've revised the streets and made the zone a lot smaller.
Check today's newspaper for details.

Well that's it for now.
Keep the questions coming and I'll try to answer thetm as best as I could.

I worked at UWI SPEC on Thursday and Friday and had a FANTASTIC time!
Got a tour of QPO today and it's looking GREAT! (Took pics even though we not supposed to...Will post pics later)
Back to work (regular work not volunteer work) this week and then working at QPO from the 19th to the 25th.

EXCITEMENT ah tell yuh!!


saucydiva said...

Dem Trinis not easy, I read they walking with rum,beer, soda ... everything in sip loc bags lol

No Longer Annon said...

Hey Afro Chic...a question for you. Since we are not allowed to wlak with glass or plastic bottles, can we at least walk with boxed juice? Orchard and Ribena?
ANd what about coolers??
Also from the article that i read, they took away people's metal cutlery; so does that mean you can walk with plastic?


Afro Chic said...

Saucy girl I saving a post fuh de antic ah hear about with the "Trickidadians" down here! LOL.
After my volunteer stint is over.

Afro Chic said...

No Longer Annon as far as I understand you CAN walk with boxed juices.

Coolers must be 12x12x12 collapsible coolers like those soft coolers you get as promotional items sometimes.

And yes, no metal cutlery...walk with your plastic. Also put your food into styrofoam containers. Doh bring yuh coalpot tuh de Oval.

No Longer Annon said...

Thanks Chic!!!

Afro Chic said...

No problem.