Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Who yuh playing with?

After many months of indecision...which was mainly based on the high cost to play mas...I have finally registered to play mas a mere 13 days before Carnival.

I am playing with *drumroll*...

I have penned this letter to Mr. Big Mike to let him know my concerns with playing mas with Legacy.

Dear Big Mike,
After much hesistation I have signed up with one of your outside sections "Chutney" which is being done by none other than Ronnie "Mac the Knife" Mc Intosh and his lovely wife Caroline.
Please note however, that I am one of those masqueraders that is quite adverse to being in their section unless it is absolutely neccessary (i.e. when we are actually preparing to cross the stage/judging point).
So please do not expect me to be in my section until the ABSOLUTE LAST MINUTE.
I will NOT comply.
I understand the importance of your presentation, but you need to understand my need to be dreevaying all over the band.
On a last note, please, a begging yuh, doh have yuh security roughing me up to get in no section...yuh go make a papers. And it eh go be nice.
Hope this letter clears up your expectations of having this masquerader in your band on the road.
We shall discuss the dread I feel at having to listen to Shurwayne *shudder* all day long in a subsequent letter. Ohnonono!!!

Yours sincerly,
Afro Chic

This is my costume btw...I absolutely LOVE the colours (the orange matches my hair...LOL) and what really sold me on the costume was the headpiece.
I am going to organise my boots and sundry accessories this week.
Costume collection is next Wednesday...Valentine's Day.


ttfootball said...

HAHAHAHAAA I love it! yuh should damn well have a right to be where yuh feel in de band till judgind point. LOL!!

seche said...

That hat look like a ronnie hat...oh gosh man.

Mani said...

But Afro Chic, I didn't even know you was thinking about playing mas. Dry, dry so?

Afro Chic said...

Not dry so nah Mani...I playing mas since I was 12.

It was just I not into the whole Tribe and IP thing and was having a hard time deciding who.

Mani said...

oh ok, I just didn't know you were considering playing mas this year.

Afro Chic said...

seche: Das how it is every year. A "ronnie" hat. LOL.

ttfootball: I know dat Big Mike does real bend for people not being in section but I am not of dat in yuh section whole day ting.

mani: It took a lot of delberation on my part too. I only registered last week Monday...or was it Tuesday?