Friday, February 16, 2007


I real excited.
If ah did like de costume before...ah like it MORE now!
If I had ay worries about playing with Ronnie & Caro for the first time...ah have none now.
The whole costume collection process took all of 5 minutes if so much.

Reach mas camp.

Hand in receipt...paid in full.

Caro gives me the rundown...wear both handbands both days...letter inside with details of where the band will meet etc.

Collect envelope from Caro.

Box with costume comes outside along with goodie bag.

Check through costume...trying not to smile too much or get on hyper in de people mas camp.

Change bottom piece...dey forget is a thong I ordered.

Turn to head to car.

WAIT!! Where yuh headpiece?!?!

Collect BEAUTIIFUL FANTASTIC headpiece...(check previous post in case yuh missed it.)

Leave mas camp.

I only hope everything goes just as smoothly on the road.

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