Tuesday, August 29, 2006

You may celebrate now...

Cause I'm back.


Not so much by popular demand, but more because of circumstance(s?).

So I stopped posting here and was posting on TS ...but then TS crashed...and I lost my blog *sniff*
Damn you guru!! *shakes angry fist at guru* ...
Then Guru promised to get back my blog entries *YAYY!!*...
But I'm still waiting on him to sort that out... *angry face*
And in the meantime I had nowhere to vent/type/post/blab/blog...
So something about necessity being somebody's mother of invention or something like that I came back to blogger.com. *YAYY!!*

(cleaned it up a bit before I did though...there were some really pathetic posts in here...I have no idea who hacked into my blog) *makes note to send blogger.com people an angry email*

So I'm here and I'll try to continue posting stuff about my hair (cause, in case you missed it, that was what my old blog was about), and any other random stupid meaningful shit like my recent job hunt.

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