Monday, June 02, 2008

Salybia Nature Resort and Day Spa - The Aftermath...

On Saturday morning my coworkers and I went to Salybia Nature Resort and Day Spa for the day. We try every quarter, to go somewhere and just celebrate ourselves.

We were all looking forward to Salybia and were pleased with the surroundings which were simply breathtaking.

We got there at 10:00am and checked in, got our wrist bands and asked about getting some “cutters/snacks”. The lady at the reception desk told us that breakfast was served up to 10:00am, but we could order food form the bar menu.

Upon visiting the bar and enquiring about getting a bite to eat and were told that they were having problems with water, but they would check and see of we could “get anything”. When they came back they told us that they would not be able to give us any food until lunch time which was at 12:30pm. :
Errr...No water? No snacks?
Strike One.

I also wanted to get my eyebrows waxed so I asked the lady at the reception desk if I could make an appointment to get this done. She said no problem and picked up the phone to find out what time I could be accommodated. When she came off the phone I was told that "because of the long weekend they were unable to get any wax in" so they would not be able to wax my eyebrows for me. :
Err…no wax? At a spa?!?
Strike Two.

We made our way down to the beautiful pool area to a gazebo, which was littered with beer bottles and some tins (can we say Strike Three?) that we kicked out of the way and pulled up some lounge chairs and settled in.

View of the hotel from the gazebo

After snacking on the few snacks that we brought along (nuts, chips, Skittles), we read the newspapers, took some pics and just relaxed.

A bit later we purchased some lollies from the bar area by the pool, which were going down pretty well until one of us checked the expiry date on the lollies, and saw that they expired earlier in the month! We showed the bartender who simply shrugged his shoulders and said okay. (What comes after Strike Three again??)

View of the pool

Despite all of these drawbacks, the breeze was cool, the view was spectacular, so I
settled in and was determined to enjoy my day.

My coworkers surprised me with a gift presentation as this was going to be my last week in the office. We talked, slept and when it was lunch time, made our way to the dining area.

View from the dining area balcony

Mr. Peacock chilling in the dining area

Lunch was good, very tasty, but the dessert was just okay. We left Salybia just after two o’ clock (our driver picked us up on time) and made our way back home.

The drive back was really nice as the driver played some nice 80s music which went down well post-lunch and made for a nice nap.

All in all I had a great relaxing day, but I would be hesitant to return to Salybia again in the future.


Wuzdescene said...

heard about the spot .... but never been .... toco too damn far .... the pics are beautiful tho ....

GirlBlue said...

Now that is a pack of crap seriously.

I want a peacock!

ELSA said...


afro chic said...

Elsa the link for the site is in the post I made...

Please make sure and call before you go...justto make sure they have water and wax ;)

Vernette said...

heh..I found u!