Friday, December 12, 2008 - The Review

Yes I’m back! And yes I now it's been a while since I've updated.

As usual there is never a dull moment in my life, so after dealing with my aunt's funeral...Christmas decorating for offices...trying to decorate and "put away" my own house...collecting boots every weekend…planning my office Christmas party which is today…I have only now managed to come up for a small bit of air!

So on with my topic.

My friend Wuzdescene sometime in all the madness that is my life sent me a link to a website Trendytt, along with the message “yuh eh see de two of allyuh playin de arse wit allyuh jewellery!” (As some of my readers will now I used to dabble in doing my own jewellery). Anyhoo...

So I went and maccoed…err…checked out the site and I was very impressed. And I am not one who is easily impressed eh let me tell you!

The site itself is well laid out and aesthetically pleasing.
No setta ting all over de place like some of dem crazy sites around, and it real easy to use.
The items range from watches and rings to handbags and are gorgeous and well priced.

Being impressed as I said, and being an absolute watch fanatic, I found myself signing up earlier this week (Tuesday I think) and ended up purchasing these two fab! new watches to add to my collection.

So my order was placed and I waited for my items to be delivered (They promise delivery in 3 days). I thought to myself “Ah ha! This is where it go fall dong!!”

Well look who went and make me a liar!
I got a call yesterday (Thursday) advising me that my items would be delivered the following day by 9:30am.

Lo and behold, at 9:35 this morning a gentleman comes to my office to see me, (I was totally clueless as I had completely forgotten all about the delivery) and my two gorgeous new watches were delivered. I paid my money (yes, is cash on delivery, satisfaction guaranteed!) and got the opportunity to speak with Mr. Michael Blake, who is the man behind Trendytt. Yes, I said the man, not the woman.

Michael is a very TALL, well spoken gentleman who told me that this is not his full time job, and he used to sell his jewellery out of his home before. The items on the website are all in stock so there is no waiting for anything to be shipped.

Michael is the one who actually selects the pieces and his wife is the Admin.

What I like about the Trendytt, is that only a few items are brought in so is not you, the marish and the parish will be rocking the same item.

I told Michael that he would definitely be seeing me again as I plan to be a regular shopper at Trendytt :D


Wuzdescene said...

Finally .... ah lil post from Afro!

and WOW .... this is great news .... that something local .... actually worked like it's supposed to ....

But what's going on with YOUR jewelry missy? :-)

afro chic said...

What you talking about my jewellery? You eh read de post and see I eh have de time or what?!?

But seriously though, remember the jewellery is not only me, it have two other people involved as well.
We go leave it dey.

CandyWash said...

I just wanna tell you THANKS!! And if i ever get the chance to meet you I'll buy you a drink! I LOVE THIS SITE!! I even ordered a couple of stuff (a watch included) from them (today) as soon as i read your blog (today) cause i too have been really busy.
Mr. Blake was really nice, very professional and very accommodating cause i am based in Tobago.

Thanks Again!

Trinidad. Adventist. Gay?! said...

You ever notice it's only trendy people that see other people wearing the same thing they are wearing?

Are they more hypersensitive?
Or does a "trend" imply that everybody else will indeed buy the item?

For the record I wonder why you bought two of the same watch? Then again I was never a shopper.