Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It Pays To Be Sober

Well by now everybody done know the Breathalyser law is in effect, and blogger wuzdescene wrote about her near-breathalyser experience recently.

Being a loyal Coke on the rocks drinker, this didn't faze me one bit, I know I was safe. Plus I wasn't planning to go much fetes anyhoo.

Lo and behold I recently found out that because of my sobriety notoriety I was volunteered for the position of designated driver. My fellow party animals have volunteered to pay half the cost of my ticket to Bacchanal Wednesday and Brian Lara's fete.
Not a bad deal I think.

So you could look out for those two fete reviews to come :)

Flikr photo from Jon Vitale


Springmoon said...

What! Sweet deal. You should try that one to pay off your costume too.

Wuzdescene said...

Sweet deal fuh real .... especially since ah see 'The Sauce' on 'Bacchanal Factory' last nite (Synergy TV) saying sumtin about how she hear is about $2000 fuh Lara dis year!!! :-O

afro chic said...

If only eh Springmoon?

Lara is not $2000. The tickets are $900. Cause I certainly NOT paying $1000 to go NO fete!

shells said...

Very very sweet deal indeed...Looking forward to the reviews