Sunday, July 25, 2010

TRIBE and BLISS Band Launch – The Aftermath

Date: Saturday 24th July 201

Venue: Queen’s Park Savannah

Cost: $260 (free rum, beer and vodka)


I got home at half past 4 this morning after a long, but fun night at TRIBE’s band launch. Last night TRIBE presented their costumes for 2011 in the form of "The Way of The Warrior" (TRIBE) and "The Warrior Within" (BLISS).

If yuh missed the BLISS boat, BLISS is TRIBE’s second "intimate" option for its masqueraders, there will be a separate route, mas camp, website etc.

The night started early for me as I was attending the media launch and working for Triniscene as their resident tweeter for the night. I met up with Saucy and her hubby Prince Namor and we made our way to the Savannah at about 7:45, and we were actually the first visible media persons there.

We were able to set up, have some drinks and take in the layout a bit beforehand. The actual media launch was scheduled to start at 8:30pm, and while it did not start on time we were able to take in the TRIBE video that was being aired on a loop and get a look at some of the costumes.

DSC02920The media launch eventually began and we were treated to Capoeira and African dancers, then Adrian Raymond came on to start the ball rolling.

I was totally shocked when at the beginning of his speech, Adrian (or whoever wrote his speech) took time out to acknowledge “the bloggers who promote Carnival 365 days a year” (aka Saucy is the only blogger I know who does exactly that! LOL). I was literally like WOW! Total shock. Bloggers didn't get much applause from those present though.

Up first was one costume from BLISS and then 13 from TRIBE as well as Miss T&T Universe’s Latoya Woods National Costume “Calypso”.

We were asked to not post any photos form the media launch online until after the full launch at midnight.


After the media launch we made our way backstage to set up for the actual launch. We took the opportunity to use the bathroom (D’John with air condition putting Andy Loos in the shade), go get some drinks, upload pics and get familiar with the costumes in the booklet.

At this point my instant and clear favourite was Xi’an. Gorgeous, innovative, fierce and not a feather in sight!

As the minutes ticked down to midnight, expectations were high and there was a lot of action happening backstage with the Capoeria dancers practicing, the Triniscene crew tweaking the live feed and costumes starting to line up.


When the show finally got underway at a few minutes past midnight, I was tweeting based on the backstage lineup and what I was seeing on screen. From what I could hear over all the drumming it seemed as though the crowd “oohhed” and “ahhed” more for TRIBE than BLISS.


At the grand finale fireworks were launched, and from backstage this sounded SUPER LOUD! One of the fireworks that exploded overhead “escaped” from its pattern or whatever and made its way straight toward me with a hop, skip and a jump. I got up and scattered so fast, the guys were calling me Bolt. I could care less I wasn’t going to have no awol fireworks burn my ass. (remember the first Alternative Concept? Oh ho) LOL.

Once the launch was over, it was time to respond to feedback on twitter, take a bathroom and drinks break, and start uploading pics. Because of my position backstage I have very few pics except those that Prince Namor took backstage which you can see here.

Overall I would give the costumes in TRIBE a solid 8 out of 10, and BLISS gets a generic 6 out 10. I liked Caprika with the similar headpiece to Iroquois and the all white elegance of Titans in BLISS, and among my favourites in TRIBE are (in no particular order): Xi’an Warrior, Amazon, Iroquois, Massai Tribal Warrior (male and female), Mayan Eagle and Mongol Warriors Individual.


DSC02998 DSC02937

I left the venue just after 4, just in time too, as Hypa Hoppa took to the mike. What I really did NOT like at the launch was the music. I doh care what anybody say…if it’s a Carnival band launch, I want to hear strictly soca. I doh wanna hear who is de general in de hot gyul army or where anybody get dey Clarks from or if anybody have a feeling, save dat for 51 or Zen.

Other than that, the drinks were flowing freely, the bar staff were efficient, the bathrooms backstage were great and kept clean all night, and were an excellent place to cool off. I hear de doubles real lash too. I didn't have any as I am not a fan of doubles.

I didn't get a media kit, but I did get a booklet at the end of the evening so I was cool with that. If had a TLC, I would have no qualms about playing in TRIBE.

Let the battle begin!


JJ said...

Oh Em Gee!!! Bolt!!! Hilarious!!! Wonderful review as usual. Thanks much for the behind the scenes perspective and replying to my tweet!

Excellent coverage AC. Thank you for your hard work!

muah! and they should give you a free costume for such great coverage!

Bizzie Chic said...

Bolt!! That was funny, LoL

Nice write up AC

Wuzdescene said...

I watched it on Triniscene .... and seriously .... I don't think any band could top those costumes .... TRIBE come real good .... and I love the white costume in BLISS!!!