Thursday, January 27, 2011

Afro Chic's - Carnival Hall of Lame

This year in addition to my usual fete reviews, I will be featuring Afro Chic's Carnival Hall of Lame © ® ™.

AC's Carnival Hall of Lame will feature people, places and things that are really lame and should not be seen for Carnival ever again. I will also be giving my readers the opportunity to agree or disagree with my picks.

This week's Carnival Hall of Lame nominees come from the SiM (Soca in Moka) fete:

Nominee One: the Tic Tac Mascot
Worst. Mascot. Costume. Ever.

Nominess Two: The Häagen-Dazs costumes
Why would anyone want these girls to look so tacky?


TeaserhiMUA said...

So far so good with the picks LOL

Cafe said...

Now that's a tough choice...but tic tac tingy wins hands down (wldn't even call it a mascot)

shells said...

ok yep, your picks are on the ball! What exactly is the Haagen Daz costume supposed to be? Is harem pants and a veil thing I see there?

Trinidad Carnival Diary said...

The Tic Tac takes it.. that is just gross

Wuzdescene said...

oh gosh NO ... what is dat Haagen Dazs DON'T ... is it a genie pants ... and is that some kind of belly button shield attached tuh de top?! ... AWFUL!!!