Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Oh wow it’s been AGES since last I blogged.

Since my last post, I’ve passed my first semester at COSTAATT and I am currently doing my second semester exams. This year I had two great courses, Art History and Drawing and Painting. I haven’t painted since forever when I was doing art for CXC waayyyy back in 1995. As part of this course we had to submit 50 drawings, of anything, using any medium we wanted.

Of course I procrastinated. Well not procrastinated so much as I was busy at the start of the semester with Carnival, boots and all that. (BTW, is it too late for a Bliss Review?)

I ended up starting my 50 drawings at the start of April and they are due the start of the second week in May. Well is level scramble to find random (easy) things to draw.

I discovered charcoal for the first time since I started doing art, and this is my new best friend. It’s easy, quick to draw with and make it do what you want. LOVE IT! I’ve also done a couple of pieces in pencil, watercolour and pastel.

I took pics and posted some of my drawings to share with my Facebook friends and the feedback so far has been positive and very encouraging. So I am baring my artistic soul (ha!) and sharing some of the pics with my peeps who *gasp* not on Facebook (like wuzdescene).



babydoll said...

P.S. its not too late for pics and a Bliss review!!!

SanMan said...

thought those earrings were the real deal oui

Empath said...

....i look forward to your Bliss review and pics! and nice artwork too!

afro chic said...

San Man those earrings are my favorite pair and now my favorite piece of artowkr. LOL.

Will do the Bliss review and babydoll and Empath ;)

Anonymous said...

wow, ur really talented!!!

Carnivalcocoa said...

Wow you taking me back to O'level art class with those drawings. Sigh, sweet memories. And I did O'level art in '95 too.
Nicley done AC.

afro chic said...

Thanks Tiffany and Carnivalcocoa.

My 50 drawings are finally completed and I'm dropping them off this week to my lecturer :)

Bizzie Chic said...

Creative talent + artsy mind = great work...nice and good luck!!