Wednesday, November 01, 2006


For those of you who’ve been living under a rock and or couldn’t be bothered, the Cricket World Cup 2007 is being hosted in the Caribbean.YES! Right here!!

I won’t get into the whole-package-bidding-sunset-application and the related drama though. Suffice to say dat nuttin cyar happen here without a lil bachannal.

But on with the story…

So one day in a taxi on meh way to St. James, ah hear Paul Keens Douglas on de radio talking bout volunteering duh de Cricket World Cup. Ah say eh heh?
Next day (or it may have actually been a few weeks later) yuh girl log on to and enter up she info and ting, hit submit and get back her confirmation email. Niceness.

Couple days after dat (might have been a week), I got a call that I had an interview on Saturday 28th October at 2:15pm, WICB box. Niceness self!

So...on Saturday evening ah reach down (or rather up) in de people dem place, filled out a form (yuh name, yuh address. areas yuh interested in, uniform size,e which games yuh want tuh work etc.) and sat down to wait for my interview.

Met with Ms. Sybil Jack-Valentine (nice lady) and got the usual tell me about yourself (I does never know how tuh answer dat question), ask me what I knew about cricket, if I understood you wouldn’t get paid (apparently some people had asked how much you would be paid as a volunteer) blah blah, that kinda thing.

I left the interview feeling pretty okay. They’re supposed to contact the successful applicants during the next two weeks.

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed...wish me luck! *crosses fingers*


Mani said...

I hate that tell me about yourself question. I mean what really do they want me to say. Maybe finding something to say is the test itself.

seche said...

I wanted to volunteer for Carifesta, but I was hearing too many complaints about the festival so I didnt bother.