Thursday, November 30, 2006

Has it really been that long...

Since last I blogged? Waayyysss...
Like I said before though.
I was busy...
I have writer's block...
I'm making beads!
I'm on vacation!
I went to Tobago!

So let's start with the first excuse: I was busy.
Well I was and I wasn't.
I do most of my blogging at the office (free DSL nah), and since I was preparing to go on vacay, I really didn't have the time between handing over and all that jazz.

Excuse #2: I have Writer's Block.
And it makes me itch. LOL.
I didn't have anything (not even random) to post.
I find it better to write/post (as I'm doing now) just randomly off the top of my head and see where it takes me.
Writing down topics to post on does not help.
I've been stuck for weeks now on a topic titled "That's So Gheddo"...but it's just NOT happening when I get to the pc.
One of these days though.

Excuse #3: I'm Making Beads!
Well not making beads, but making jewelry/jewellery (however yuh want tuh spell it).
And not even that busy making jewelry because we only got some of our stuff last week I think it was.
I did one of our new designs/products on Tuesday and it looks great! (of course it does, is me...LOL). I may post a sneak peek.
MAY...doh hold yuh breath.

Excuse #4 and #5: I'm on vacation! I went to Tobago!
Well I am. And I did.
I'm now on my 5th day, *YAYYY* with two more (working days) to go. *cry*
A short one, but very much welcomed with all that's going on at the office these days.
My plans to do Christmas cleaning have developed into nothing.
I have no idea what I'm waiting on, cause I hate last minute ting.
So what's next? What's up? What's happening?
I'll save that for a next post. LOL.

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