Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I was in my first accident yesterday.

Three months and five days after I became a driver.
So yesterday (my last day of vacay) I'm at home minding my own business scratching my ass when I get a call from the Mother.She has to go meet the Father at work for them to go up to the airport to pick up her brother (the Uncle), but she took two tablets and was feeling drowsy and my Brother couldn't drop her, so could I please come and drop her to meet the Father.
Me: Sure. No scene.
*scrambles to put on clothes, jumps in a taxi to go down the hill, jumps in a taxi on the main road to go into town, reach in town, jumps in a taxi to reach by the Mother*

So driving around the Savannah around 3:00pm to go over the Lady Young, when I reach by the St. Ann's Roundabout.

*dramatic music*

I'm on the right side of the road and a white pick up truck on my left.

It have room for both of us to pass to go along the roundabout, but I still letting him go cause he was moving like he in a hurry.

Mummy: Watch this man here.
Me: *slows car to a crawl*
Mummy again: Watch this man here.
Me: *car almost at a stop*

Same time padnah eh slow he roll yet, I mash a brakes, and in slow motion (things like this always happend to me in slow was the same with Machel concert when the platform collapse) slow motion I see the man grind up on my left fender like he tiefing a wine and pull away the left side of my bumper.

And he eh stop.

At least not at first.

I blew the horn then and his vehicle came to a stop just before the Hilton walkway thereabouts.

At this point, the Mother vex cause de man eh stop...

We come out of the vehicle, survey the damage. The light was unbroken but the bumper was falling off.

Den Mother get vex cause de man smelling high of alco. I had tuh tell her tuh calm down cause she wasn't feeling well.

Long story short:

We get the man info: name, contact info, insurance company, policy number, DP number. And gave him ours in return.
During all of this while I taking the info, Mother and the other four or five fellas who was in the truck (it was a WASA truck) help us to remove the bumper cause it wasn't coming off fuh nuttin.

De bumper couldn't fit into the car, so de WASA fellas (who was REAL helpful) end up putting de bumper in the back of their truck and following us up to my home tuh drop it off.

Went up in the airport, pick up the Uncle (spent 1/2 hour, yes 1/2 hour! in the airport carpark waiting to leave!), went to the St. Clair police station who then directed us to the Belmont Station (after the Botanical Gardens yuh make yuh report in Belmont), gave a report.
The Officer who took my report was really nice (cute too). Office Seemungal.
Went home tired no ass.
And that's my story.
Did I mention I was driving the Father's car?He went to the Insurace Company this morning and everything was cool. Just that he might have to wait for the other party's insurance company to fix the car instead of his.

I'm safe and sound...and yes I drove after the accident, plus I drove again today.
Yuh know what they say about falling off yuh bicycle...


Randy said...

That sounding like ti was stress girl. Buper doh come off just so, they does have a million bolt and screw to take off.

And yuh hatta careful with them fellas girl. Especially showing them where yuh live no matter how helpful yuh think they is. Next thing is WASA van pulling up by yuh door calling name big big.

richjob said...

I glad yuh OK. The world woulda be less swanky without you.

a chic fro said...

Randy: It wasn't stressful nah. I find I was real calm considering. Probably cause meen knock dong nobody chile or sumtin dred so.

I happy fuh dem if dey figure dey could come by me and try tuh rough me up! I wish dem luck...

Rich: Thanks. Not tuh mention less fabulous without me as well. 8)

Dre said...
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Dre said...

At least yuh didn't end up in the 200 Plus"