Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Soca in Moka 2007: The Aftermath

Who: Soka in Moka
What: All-Inclusive
Where: Trinity College Grounds, Moka, Maraval
When:Sunday 7th January 2007
How much: $375

I have no idea why this year, Moka decided to do replace the 'c' in Moka with a 'k' but anyoo...
This is my review. (hey that rhymes).

So this was my...*thinking* 7th Soca in Moka fete...I missed the first one..and haven't missed any since then.

I got there just before 7 o'clock and caught the last 15 minutes or so of Kes the Band.
Now while Kees himself is not one of my favorite people (we won't get into why in this post) the band's performance, the little I heard, was good.
Actually compared to the other bands that night...it was downright GREAT!
And when I saw Kees in the crowd afterward I told him as much. (yes imagine, I spoke to Kees, wonders will never cease. LOL).
I love Nadia's voice...and meh girl looking REAL good too!
4 out of 5

But ah getting a little ahead of myself.

TRAFFIK feat. Shurwayne Winchester, Candy Hoyte and Olatunji (not sure of the spelling)
This was Traffik's 2nd or 3rd year performing at Moka. They replaced Roy Cape who used to be the staple band.

Talk about boring.
I mean...total snooze fest.
Is anyone else tired of Sherwayne or is it just me? Sherwayne...you are getting stale. Like day old hops bread.
Your band sounds tired. Like dey need some Viagra or something.
I know you just lost your manager (as you reminded us) but if yuh in mourning, stay home nah cause yuh band was sounding dead. Poor Ellis must be was rolling in he grave.
2.5 out of 5

ATLANTIK feat. Destra and her ego.
What to say about Atlantik boy?
I see Dean (formerly of Xtatik) is now with them and he cut off de dreds. Still looking sexy as hell though.
I expected Atlantik to come and put Traffik to shame.
Instead I think Destra put herself to shame.
Their set was disjointed and disorganised.
Like they only started practicing for Carnival the night before.
Destra De Star missed a couple of her cues and her voice sounding hoarse already. Ah mean we still have so many fetes to go.

There was an incident on stage during her performance of "I Dare You" where she dared her bass guitarist to wine on her.
The young man took her up on her dare and she apparently wasn't too pleased and she went on and on about how he could lift her up, and being the only female in a band is so hard. She even bawl rape on the stage.
If yuh was so vex I think it would have been better if that had been handled off stage.
Things continued to go downhill form there and a lot of people left during their performance. Ah mean the front of the stage was empty.

Even though I can, I won't go on about Destra, cause somebody go call meh ah hater. (Not that ah mind, I just eh have the time nor the inclination to answer all de hate email.)
2 out of 5

The food was tops as usual. They had yuh chip chip cocktails, corn soup, bake and shark, main meal, Haagen Daz, microwave popcorn, wantons...Moka had it all. More on the eye food in a bit. LOL.
4 out of 5

From the regular bar, to the cocktail bar to the Chivas bar. Service was a tad bit slow...just a tad. The only thing I heard they ran out of was 1919, but coconut water was running whole night. (I does mainly drink chaser).
4 out 0f 5

The bathrooms (yes, the bathrooms) had everything a woman could need.
EXCEPT FOR...more mirrors. This one mirror thing eh cutting it.
Yuh know we women does hadda go to the bathroom 2-3 times ah night and check we face each time. LOL.
4 out of 5

Nuff eye food for the ladies and it was sectioned off too...de posers was actually on one side of the fete and the people who come to party on the next side.
Ah mean it wasn't deliberate but it was quite evident. LOL.
No setta pretty-gay-masquerading-as-metro-men either. Well dressed. Nice looking men.
The eye food gets a 5 out of 5 yes.
That was the highlight of the party for me. LOL.
My next fete: QRC on Saturday 13th January 2007. Still eh have nuttin tuh wear yet.


Mani said...

Afro Chic, I real like your review gyu. Atlantik feat. Destra and her eg, lol. She have an attitude? lol. I never knew.

Gyul, I doh like how yuh hinting at certain things and then holding back yuh know. How yuh doh like this one, how yuh easing up on this one.....BUSS DE FILES! Tell we like it is. Why yuh doh like Kees?

Also, how was the eye food for us guys? It had woman to gape at? What kinda one-sided gape-report yuh give we?

a chic fro said...

Thanks Mani. LOL.

Is nothing personal with Kees yuh know. I just never liked him when he was with Imij & Co, I think the best thing to happen to Imij was that he left.

His on stage persona (cause like I said, I doh know him personally) used to suffer with red man syndrome. I find he used to like up himself a LIL too much...das all ah go say for now. LOL.

Eye food fuh de men? Meen know nah. Yuh go hadda check a man fuh dat.

I look good...but is only so much ah me it had. LOL.

Mani said...

lol, so you reviewing yuhself for meh?

Well I looking forward to the next review then.

a chic fro said...

Yuh ask about the eye food fuh de men...de only woman I could tell you about is me cause honestly I wasn't studying de women. LOL.

Stay tuned...Next review is for QRC.

a chic fro said...

I'll pay more attention to the women in QRC just for you Mani.

Miss. Luke said...

Was it true as the Express reported Destra saying some out of timin comments, when the crowd start calling Bunji, and she said that they should hire him next year, something so?

Miss. Luke said...

Was it true as the Express reported Destra saying some out of timin comments, when the crowd start calling Bunji, and she said that they should hire him next year, something so?

seche said...

Great review.

After reading I ALMOST felt like I wanted to go a fete, but then I remembered the price you quoted and the feeling left me.

a chic fro said...

Miss Luke:
Destra was outta timing right through. I think she was probably high on something.

Thanks. One year I will BUY you a ticket and carry you with me.

Mani said...

Well thanks Afro Chic. Doh feel fraid to take some pictures too yuh know, lol. Just doh get ketch.

I will appreciate the extra vigilance though.

a chic fro said...

Wait wait...yuh want PICTURES now? Is how you boleface so?

Mani said...

Is just 3/4 picture ah want.....wham? How yuh bennin' so?

a chic fro said...

Yuh was ALMOST going to get some pictures, but Mummy Chic taking de camera to a function later.
Hard luck dey Mani. LOL.

Q said...

that fete soundin like it was plenty schupidness.

seche said...

I will hold you to that offer, Afro chic!

a chic fro said...

Thank you Q.

Das no scene seche.

Strongy's Submissions said...

if moka did get ah bad review it woulda be me and you... *sigh* wasn't able tuh go this year.. i heard i was missed... (not by you though...)

John said...

I don't think Destra has recovered from losing the road march the year she sang Bonnie and Clyde to Shurwayne. The following year she said she was not competing. And last year and this year she actually isn't.

John said...
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