Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yuh know is Carnival when...

Dey start tuh put up de lil dollhouses around the Savannah.

Stores have dey display windows color co-ordinated depending on what the fete for the weekend is (GLOW, Fire etc.)

Women in Micles looking for stockings.

Women in Wonderful World looking for ting fuh dey bellybutton, around dey eye and jewelry tuh match dey costume.

Samaroo's inna mess with people buying extra beads, fabric, glitter and sundries fuh dey costume.

Around de Savannah inna mess wid woman of all shapes and sizes and every creed and race trying to lose some weight before Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

I see meh padnah E*** who I only see around Carnival time even doh she working across de road from me. LOL.

And back in de good ole days..yuh know it was Canrival when yuh see de familiar orange beams of de North Stand going up.

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Q said...

yuh also know is carnival when radio start to force soca dong yuh neck via "de soca switch."